MRS. CHINAClassique

Name:  Li Chai
City & State:  

Country:   USA

Birthday:  02/20/1972

Height:    5'3

Eye Color:    Brown 

Status:  Not Married 

Occupation / Career: ECO

Country of Citizenship:   CHINA

Place of Birth:    CHINA

Languages:   English and Chinese

Education / Special Training:     college

Tell us about your family:I have a lovely daughter who is a fashion designer. We get along like a good sister relationship. My mother is 77 years old . she is very fashion and an independent woman. She has a great influence on my growth and I have learned to be strong and independent from her

In my spare time I enjoy:Reading, singing, dancing, cooking, hiking, golf, travel, photography

People describe me as: China doll and Successful women.

Special Talents? languages

Famous Moments? I won the top business development of Mannatech in the US in 2017

Something unique or quirky about you: Funny

What is your personal philosophy: Be happy, give love, help others

Why is this important to you?I really like the charity concept of the organization, so that all women have the opportunity to show their talents and style on this stage. I want to share my story confidently on the stage, show the beauty and charm of women, and encourage more women to participate in such meaningful social activities.

Your best asset? personal growth

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"? Personal growth is very important to me. Personal growth can make us more stronger, independent and confident

What hashtags best describe you: confident, friendly

What food would we always find in your refrigeratorYogurt

What is your favorite family recipe? meat ball

What is your guilty pleasure? Eat too much

What household chore to you actually enjoy? Cleaning

Favorite Family Ritual: Chinese new year eve

If there were an extra hour today I would: cook

In my beauty bag you would find: lipstick

I just learned: Yoga

I stay fit by: Hiking

How did I ever live without my: Daughter

______ is the new black: white

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?She helps millions of malnourished children around the world to improve their health

Creating Legacies...

Facebook:    LI CHAI