Name: Mira Ma

Country: China Sea

Height: 168 cm

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Birth Date: Jun 17


Status: Married

Occupation / Career:Teacher

Country of Citizenship: China

Place of Birth: Chongqing China

Languages:Chinese and English

Education / Special Training: Master in Psychology

ell us about your family:

​My husband and I have two kids. My sister is a second year student in elementary school. My younger brother goes to a bilingual kindergarten. 
We live in Beijing. I teach a course in business communications at the Communications University of China. My husband is an attorney specialized in cross-border entertainment industry projects.

In my spare time I enjoy:

​reading, music, the art of tea, travel, organizing neighborhood activities

People describe me as:

​professional, enthusiastic, warm-hearted, stylish, versatile

Special Talents?

​cooking, piano, fashion

Something unique or quirky about you

​ability to organize colors

What is your personal philosophy

​ A successful family means a successful life

Why is this important to you?

Because it enables me to encounter and discover a better self.

Your best asset?

​A loving heart

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?

Favourite Food is ​Spicy Sichuan cuisine


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