Name:   Olga Salazar

Country: Texas 

Birthday: June 2

Height: 5.5"

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Executive Assitant

Country of Citizenship: USA

Place of Birth: New York

Languages: Spanish and English

Education / Special Training: Interior Design

Name on Facebook: olguita salazar-andrade

Name on Instagram: olguita salazar-andrade

Name on Twitter: olguita salazar

Tell us about your family:My husband and I will be celebrating our 39th anniversary this 14th of December, he is an Insurance Agent, we have 2 wonderful children, Miguel and Adriana who have given us 4 beautiful granddaughters, 2 of age 11 and 2 of age 9. We are always brought together around the table and enjoy our Sunday lunch after mass..

In my spare time I enjoy:A relaxing day at the spa getting a deep tissue massage.

People describe me as: So much fun, full of life, trustworthy.

Special Talents?Dancing, fashion

Famous Moments?2006 Mrs. Southwest Globe
2007 Mrs. Southwest Globe 2009 Mrs. Ecuador 2009
2010 Mrs. U.S.A International queen of the Coast
I have also enjoyed special moments like working as a model for Mary Kay cosmetics.
Working as a model with all four of my granddaughters for a YouTube video, "Experience Reunion Tower" for 10 best Attractions in Dallas

Something unique or quirky about you:My family has three generations of beauty queens. Myself, daughter and two granddaughters have all held pageant titles.

What is your personal philosophy:Life is too short so, I live every day to the fullest.

Why is this important to you?As a wife and mother I put my needs behind my husband's and children's for a long time. This opportunity is important to me because it is and opportunity to focus on me and improve myself as a person.

Your Global Beauty Secret?Never go to sleep without removing your make up, healthy diet.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?Helping people understand the importance of today.
Not let circumstances determine your destiny.

What hashtags best describe you?#awomanworthknowing #fun #fashionista

What food would you always find in your refrigerator?Vegetable broth, eggs and avocados..

What is your favorite family recipe?Arroz con pollo (Rice with Chicken)

What is your guilty pleasure?A romantic getaway for the weekend.

What household chore to you actually enjoy?Organizing.

Favorite Family Ritual:Family lunch after mass.

If there were an extra hour today I would:Nap

In my beauty bag you would find:Tarte Concealer (must)

I just learned:Paint.

I stay fit by:Eating healthy and walking.

How did I ever live without my:Smart Phone.

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?50 & Fabulous.

Complete this sentence: Success Requires…Discipline and persistency.

Someone you admire:My mother.

Favorite Song:Rhythm is gonna get you (Gloria Estefan)

Favorite Movie:Dance with me.

Favorite Drink:Moscow Mule

Favorite thing about yourself:Treat other the way I want to be treated.

Best advice you’ve ever been given:Do not ever stop learning, this will keep you growing as a person.

Biggest Fear:Cancer

Lover or Fighter:Lover

Secret Talent:Bring people together.

What makes you happy?Seeing my husband wake up every morning, My husband is a miracle and I admire him for his desire to struggle for life.

__________ is the new black:Red

The thing about yourself you would like to change?I have tendency towards excessive orderliness.

Creating Legacies...

Facebook:  olguita salazar-andrade Instagram: olguita salazar-andrade Twitter: olguita salazar