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About Me

Name: Julie Delgadillo

Height: 5’4"

Birth Date: 04/15/1975

Status: Single

Occupation / Career: Non-Profit Leader & Confidence Coach

Languages: English and Spanish

About your family: I am from a Mexican American family and I was raised in a traditional Catholic home, where fresh homemade dinners were served daily. I have two amazing and hardworking parents, whose mission was to provide me the opportunities they did not have. My mom taught me how to keep a clean loving home and make delicious traditional meals. I remember Saturday morning was for cleaning and dancing Cumbias in the kitchen while preparing for a big family gather. My dad taught me the importance of respect, responsibility, and a good sense of humor. I grew up in an era where if dad wanted the channel on the tv changed, I was the remote control. One of the best things my dad taught me was how to drive. But he made sure I also knew the hand signals, so I literally had to roll down the window to my dad’s gray Buick to stick my hand out to announce I was turning right or left.

In my spare time I enjoy: I love discovering hole-in-wall places and trying all kinds of new foods and desserts.

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