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New Jersey


About Me

Name: Coretta Doll

Height: 5’3"

Birth Date: 01/15/1971

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Personal Fitness Trainer/ Professional Entertainer Emcee DJ

Languages: English

About your family: I am a wife and mother. Chandler male (29) Marley female (16) Francis male (7) Daughter in law Grace (23) and granddaughter Sophia (2 1/2). Married to Kevin for 23 years. We met in first grade and have been friends ever since. We are very close to each other and all live together in our family home. Kevin and I are the owners of the WAC New Jersey North American Pageant. As well as DIY the Main Event/ Create Celebrations. Kevin has worked as a Security Guard for our county government for 29 years. Our oldest son Chandler is a personal trainer and MMA competitor. My middle daughter Marley is an artist studying library science and competes in pageantry. Francis is in first grade and was diagnosed autistic last January. Our daughter in law Grace is studying fitness and nutrition

In my spare time I enjoy: Our granddaughter Sophia is simply the best!

Facebook: Coretta D Doll

Instagram: Coretta.Doll

Twitter: Coretta Doll

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