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MrS. east coast 
About Me

Name: Shamila Beslow

Height: 5’ 5"

Birth Date: 

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Help Desk Technician/ Quality Assurance Analyst

Languages: English

About your family: I am married to my wonderful husband Vernon. Together we share 7 children ranging from 25 to 5. I have one granddaughter whom is 4. I come from a very large family. I am the oldest of 5 children. My mother is one of 8 children. My family is just a down home southern family.

In my spare time I enjoy: Spending time with family and friends. I love doing things with my husband and our children and granddaughter. I Love traveling, I think I am supposed to travel for a living. I love doing crafts, writing my book, cooking.

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