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MRS. GLOBEClassique  Japan

About Me

Name: Mie Yonekura

Height: 5’7"

Birth Date: 06/13/1967

Status: Divorced

Occupation / Career: Self Employed

Languages: Japanese

About your family: A single mother who encourages four children The eldest daughter is 22 years old, the eldest son is 20 years old, the second son is 18 years old, and the third son is 15 years old.

In my spare time I enjoy: I would like to listen to music, go dancing, go out drinking with friends. I was born in Kyoto, the capital of a thousand years, I also like visiting shrines and temples. I also like to touch nature, climbing mountains, taking hot springs, especially waterfalls. I feel like I was reborn when I refreshed with negative ions.

Facebook: 西倉三恵 (Mie Nishikura)
Instagram: 西倉三恵 (stylishlifemie)
Twitter: 西倉三恵 (MieNishikura)