Name: Monica Rajchel-Fryers

City & State: Calgary, Alberta

Country: Canada

Height: 5'9

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Brown

Birth Date: June 20 1979

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Boutique Hotel & French Teacher

Country of Citizenship: Canada

Place of Birth: Canada

Languages: English French Polish

Education / Special Training: BED (double major in critical art history & English literature) + Master in Education

Tell us about your family: I have a very tight knit family. My son is 6 years old. My husband and I travel back and for the between Calgary and Canmore (1.5 hour drive) to maintain strong family life. This is because have a hotel in Canmore yet our main residence is in Calgary. My grandmother lives across the street from us and helps to raise our son.

In my spare time I enjoy: Painting, skiing, exploring new cities.

People describe me as: Strong, determined, positive, outgoing

People describe me as: Energetic, creative, happy and devout

Special Talents?Beautifying a space

Famous Moments?I modeled throughout my twenties and still do some modeling now with my son. I was 2nd runner up in Miss Universe Canada 2004. I won the title of Miss Oktoberfest in 2003. I was 1st runner up to Miss Calgary 2003. Competed and placed top 3 in several Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

Something unique or quirky about you:I love amusement parks and roller coasters.

What is your personal philosophy: There are really no such things as coincidences. Everything is connected and has meaning.

Why is this important to you?Often times I do not see the importance of something that may seem like a minor event in my life yet in the future I learn its significance. I am  always I in awe of moments in which I can make connections. When I see this, I am more confident in my life choices. I feel that a higher power is working with me.

Your best asset?My contagious laughter.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?I feel that I can be very disarming and am able to connect with people. I want women to empower each other and stand together for those qualities that make us uniquely women and tie us together. (Motherhood, compassion etc..)

What hashtags best describe you#multitasking

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?Watermelon

What is your favorite family recipe?Pierogi

What is your guilty pleasure?Buying a new outfit. Or transforming one with alterations.

What household chore to you actually enjoy?Mowing the lawn

Favorite Family Ritual? Getting ready for work/school in the mornings. My family works together to alleviate each other’s stress. We have learned to do this over time and i our household we now hear laughter and see smiles every morning instead of grumpiness and feelings of being rushed or stressed.

If there were an extra hour today I would:He’s my son, read with him a little longer, family chat. I know that he will grow up one day and leave our home. I would like to cherish every moment with him I can.

In my beauty bag you would find:Elastic bands. Dry shampoo. Hair brush.

I just learned:Canada’s new food guide is putting an emphasis on a plant based diet. I have been moving this way for years now and know the benefits of this diet for humans, animals and our environment.

I stay fit by:Spin class!

How did I ever live without my:My family.

______ is the new black: White. White is classic and crisp. And yes, you can wear it after labor day!

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?Multitasking, raising a family and having a career between two cities.


Creating Legacies

Facebook: Monica Fryers         Instagram:@monica.rajchel