Name:  Tania White

City & State:   Melbourne , VIC

Country:   Australia

Birthday:   7th September 1974


Height: 177cm

Hair Color:    Blonde

Eye Color:   Hazel

Status Not Married

Occupation / Career Sales Director / Chairwoman / Committee Member

Country of Citizenship Australia

Place of Birth Australia

Languages English

Education / Special Training Business Owner, Cert IV Business Management and Retail Management, Chairwoman, Committee Member, Executive Service Host, Qualified Hairdresser, Qualified Glazier, Crowd Controller, Private Investigator, Sculptor

Name on Facebook Tania White

Name on Instagram taniawhite777

Tell us about your family:I come from a huge very close knit family. I'm the 4th born of 9 children. Mum is 80 this year and looks and acts in her 60's she is very strong and rarely sits down, Dad was very hardworking and always provided food, clothes and shelter and they were very strict parents (had to be with so many kids) but taught us the value of hard work, respect, appreciation, diligence and common sense. 
I have 6 sisters, 2 brothers, 6 brother-in laws, 16 nephews and nieces and 14 great nephews and nieces. Most live within a 30 km radius and family gatherings are usually plentiful and loud.
I have raised 1 daughter Shiloh, raised two 2 step boys full time for 8 years, and helped raise another little girl from 4-8 yrs old.
I also have a gorgeous little 1 yr old Grandson called Xavier.
I have one family dog Duke and cat Batman.

I'm also very blessed to have two other "families" that count me in as their surrogate family.

In my spare time I enjoy:Hiking, Climbing, Yoga, Body Balance, Sky Diving, Down HiIl Mountain biking, Surfing, Horse riding, Motorbiking, Sculpting, Cooking, Dancing, Fishing, Basketball, Making and fixing things

People describe me as:The Energizer Bunny, always busy, friendly, easy going, no drama, free spirit, compassionate, empathetic, loyal, problem solver, trouble shooter, loves to give hugs, affectionate

Special Talents?Can solution or fix most things, I'm a little bit MacGyver.

Famous Moments?Owned a Promo Model agency for 4 years and worked as a Promo Host for 13 years so spent many moments taking photos or looking after Celebrities at so many events from Grand Prix to Concerts, Gala Balls, handed out awards on stage to sports personalities, worked with Celebrity chefs etc.
But two memorable ones are when Gordon Ramsay rang to say goodnight to my kids who didn't get to come to his show. His entourage were pressing him to next venue but he pushed them all away turned his back on them sat down and chatted to my kids on phone for about 5 mins. Even asking them if he could come for dinner one night to have my famous roast :)
Also once I had to deal with media hysteria when one of my best girls accidentally dropped her chewing gum from her mouth (which was banned) onto George Clooney's hand when being photographed helping him to press it down into clay. It had started to go hard because he had talked so much, so she had to use effort to push down and clench her teeth losing the chewy out of her cheek where she had it hidden because she forgot to get rid of it before launch. He was laughing so much and such a good sport :) But is still a good story.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?Don't let anyone else tell you you cannot do something. Do not judge as every single human has had their own unique experience in life including the fact we will all have individual perspective. You have not walked a journey in any one else's shoes so you should worry about your own backyard and making sure you live with kindness and integrity, without pointing a finger at others. They only reason people point fingers at others is because it grates on something within themselves so look inside what is going on and work on improving yourself.

What is your favorite family recipe?Mum's Heavenly hush - a mix of cherries, mandarins, pineapple, marshmallows, whipped cream and vanilla

What is your guilty pleasure?Chilli dark chocolate

What household chore to you actually enjoy?Gardening, Painting

If there were an extra hour today I would:Put some music on and dance

In my beauty bag you would find:Paw paw ointment

I just learned:How to make a delicate Pearl meat dish on the food channel show

I stay fit by:Yoga, Body balance, Gym, Walking, Hiking, Dancing and some basketball.

How did I ever live without my:Music and Google in the palm of my hand

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?What next?

Creating Legacies

Facebook:Tania White Instagram: taniawhite777