Name: Zara Gemilyan

City & State: Tarzana

Country: USA

Height: 5'6

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Birth Date: 06/19/1983

Status: Not Married

Occupation / Career: Marketing director in construction company

Country of Citizenship: USA & Russia

Place of Birth: Armenia

Languages: Russian, Armenian, English, some Spanish and French

Education / Special Training: International studies and management BA from Pepperdine university as well as MBA from Pepperdine also.

Name on Facebook: Zara Gemilyan

Name on Instagram: Mrs.CaliforniaGlobe 2019

Tell us about your family:I was born in Armenia but lived in Russia since I was a baby. Also lived in Cyprus island as a teen where I studied in British school. I moved to USA in high school. My mother is a classical pianist and father is an architect. I work with father and brother in the construction business. I am divorced and I am a single mother raising an amazing 10 year old boy.

In my spare time I enjoy:Reading, traveling and cooking

People describe me as:Positive and outgoing

Special Talents?Singing

Famous Moments?I played piano and violin as a child. Was the prom queen at my high school . Never participated in a pageant before.

Something unique or quirky about you: I have been to ten schools so making friends is not a problem for me.

What is your personal philosophy? You reap what you sew

Why is this important to you? I am deeply concerned about orphans in the world and I know I can’t help them all and I can’t even adopt right now since it’s tough raising even one child on my own but I feel that every child should have a family and I have an idea of combining foster homes with elderly homes where children can have older people in their life and the older lonely people can have a feeling of family as well and they can take care of each other and support and inspire each other on a daily basis. My dream is to create facilities like these to add hope and excitement in these peoples’s lives. I need a platform to be heard and supported.

Your best asset? Physically my eyes and I do believe they are the key to my soul. Otherwise definitely my easy going personality.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"? My magic is the ability to get along with everyone from toddlers to elderly I feel as if I have the ability to get along with people of different age groups and backgrounds and find a common language with them.

What hashtags best describe you? #fun #dreamer #fashionista

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?Berries

What is your favorite family recipe?My mother makes the best borsch in the world it’s a Russian soup. I try to copy her and I heard it comes out pretty good.

What is your guilty pleasure?Ice cream - chocolate

What household chore to you actually enjoy?Cooking . I loved it as a child when I was learning from my mom and I love it now teaching my son.

Favorite Family Ritual: Always spending the Christmas and NYE together and traveling to new countries and exploring the world together

If there were an extra hour today I would:Read a book

In my beauty bag you would find:Sunscreen and lipgloss

I just learned:To drive a stick shift car

I stay fit by:Jogging in the mornings

How did I ever live without my:Son.

______ is the new black: Black . The most elegant color of all time

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?Fab and Curious

Mrs. California
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