Name: Tara Hawbaker

City & State: Manitou Springs, CO

Country: USA

Height: 5'5

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Birth Date: 12/16/1979

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Wellness Entrepreneur

Country of Citizenship: USA 

Place of Birth: English

Languages: English

Education / Special Training: Bachelors in Business Communications

Name on Facebook: Tara Pierson Hawbaker

Name on Instagram: tarahawbaker

Tell us about your familyMy little family consists of my husband Keith of 10 years! Wow crazy to me how fast that goes by! We have two adorable little's, my handsome three year old son, Pierce and my beautiful two year old baby girl, Grey. In a word that sums up my life in my family...#momlife! I am a stay at home Mama and a Mom-Preneur in the field of Mental Wellness. I help others learn to achieve their own success, create a legacy and heal there bodies naturally. My husband is a Pilot for Frontier Airlines and part business owner of Direct Connect Flight Academy in Colorado Springs. He loves to fly and teaches Pierce to do the same! I think he may be one of the only three year olds that gets to go flying in the private airplane on the weekends! Lucky guy. We live in a big old house with many ongoing projects we find ourselves in because we love our historical gem. We love to travel, hike, and play in the mountains at our summer cabins! We enjoy riding dirt bikes, four-wheelers and having camp fires at night in the clear skies of Colorado. We never take this state for granted! We are blessed and truly thankful to live here. Colorado is home.

In my spare time I enjoy:Spare time comes rare in my little world but when I do get a few minutes to myself each day, I love to workout! I enjoy Crossfit workouts at Soco Crossfit and I am avid runner. I have placed in my age group for various half and full marathons. I have always had a big passion for music so when I get a few minutes to play piano, sing and write I take it! All of these things are therapy to me. They make me a better wife, mama, and in general, a better person when Tara takes a little "Tara Time".Energetic! Fun! Driven! Focused! Loving! Strong-Willed! High Maintenance (I mean maybe just a little;) Encourager, Leader, Caring, World's Best Hostess, ( By the way I actually asked my friends of 26 years this question! This was a hard one to answer! )

Positive and outgoing

Special Talents?Singer / Song Writer. I have been in the music field for most of my entire life! I play piano, sing, and write. I trained classically in music and did some musical theatre. I also released my first EP, which I was really excited about. I Love hosting extravagant parties too! Most everyone knows about the Hawbaker Gatsby New Years Party!

Famous Moments?I wouldn't say Famous Moments for me but more Special Moments of sharing a glimpse of my soul in music and performing. I have sang for numerous conventions, gala's and have done some lifetime and fitness modeling. I also have some experience in musical theatre and plays. For more details, feel free to take a peek at my website

What is your personal philosophy?My belief in life has always been as big as the eye can see and as deep as my existence will allow me to go. “I truly believe that each of us are meant to be on this earth for a God-given divine purpose. We are all given special gifts and it is up to us on how we will share them with others. This is how destiny and life are written.”

Why is this important to you?I like to relate a lot of my thoughts to music. So my personal philosophy in relation to music, “Music is life’s beautiful way of cleaning out our souls. Music gives the heart a chance to breathe again.” The importance of knowing our purpose is key to living a fulfilled life. I have found that our purpose is definitely not always what we plan for or imagine but if we keep following the spirit inside of us to guide us then God's plan unfolds. Plus His plan is always better than our own. So I guess I try to enjoy the ride more than controlling it! Maybe life with kids now has taught me that too!

Your best asset? Self starter. Strong self worth. Driven!

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"? I would say my "Magic" is bringing people together. I love hosting gatherings, parties or any excuse to throw a bash for someone or something! In fact my girlfriends are always telling me I should start my own business as an exclusive party planner! I started a running club for our sweet little town to bring people together in running and life. I enjoy making others feel happy. I am a gift giver! I love giving gifts and having a theme for them. My message to other women is to find out what your dreams are and go for it! We are all uniquely designed by God and are meant to live out our dreams that He gave us. He does not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of hope and fullfillment. So no matter your past, your trials, your sufferings, your day to day, we all are meant for a purpose. Seek it, Live it & Love it! Our dreams are specifically made for each and everyone of us. One of my favorite quotes, "Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game"!

What hashtags best describe you? #deartara #momlife #loverofmusic #pierceourhearts #lovelybaegrey #coloradonights #friendshipgoals #family #kidsrunningwild #shorthairdontcare #community #funfitness #friends #strongertogether #crossfitcommunity #mamabird #mentalwellness #mompreneur #lifeisbeautiful #morningmotivation #famtime #mylittles #familylove

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?I love an assorted array of cheeses & a good chardonnay.

What is your favorite family recipe?Pasta Al Carbonara.

What is your guilty pleasure?Late night snacking on organic doritos and popcorn. Or sometimes late night fried rice!

What household chore to you actually enjoy?Vacuuming.

Favorite Family Ritual: Church on Sundays.

If there were an extra hour today I would:Read a book

In my beauty bag you would find:Mascara, many colors of lip crayons and bb cream.

I just learned:The new science behind the Brain-Gut Connection.

I stay fit by:Crossfit and Running!

How did I ever live without my:Fake Nails!

______ is the new black: Strong

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?The most gullible girl ever!

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Creating Legacies

Facebook: Tara Pierson Hawbaker    Instagram:tarahawbaker