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About Me

Name: Krissy Larsen-Ratzlaff

Height: 5’9"

Birth Date: 07/21/1983

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Entrepreneur

Languages: English

About your family: Married to my handsome farmer Tim and we have two gorgeous children. Owen (9) and Aaliyah (19 months). We are a perfect mix of country roots and globetrotters. We love travelling and exploring together as a family and soaking in as much time with our tiny humans as we can. We believe in family meals, family prayers and family time. We are always planning our next adventure and are deeply rooted in the philosophy that you only live once so make the most of this life you have been blessed with.

In my spare time I enjoy: Singing, playing the piano, cooking, gardening, playing guitar, writing, running, reading and SHOPPING!

Facebook: Krissy Larsen-Ratzlaff

Instagram: Krissy_Larsen

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