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MRS. estonia
About Me

Name: Ave Terand

Height: 5’ 11"

Birth Date: 04/05/1984

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: I work as a Software Engineer at Bolt. My former long-time employers are Swedbank and Skype/Microsoft. I have experience in working in the IT field since 2005.

Languages: Estonian, English and lots of programming languages like TypeScript, Java, SQL and many others.

About your family: I have been married for 15+ years. With my husband we have been together already for 19 incredible years. There are three kids in our family - all of them are boys! Their ages are five, eight and ten. We like to surprise them with different leisure time activities such as going to a spa, spending a free day in a different city, going to nature, to the beaches or cycling. We live in a private house and do gardening together. What is also important to my husband and me - to spend quality time together regularly. We like to have deep discussions on different topics and we have been really growing together during all those years.

In my spare time I enjoy: I have been dancing Latin dances already for more than 15 years. My favourite dances are rumba, reggaeton, bachata and cha-cha-cha. Dancing has given me a lot of stage experience which has come in useful in the pageant world too.

Facebook: Ave Tarend
Instagram: avetarend

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