Name: Yuliia Ihnatova

Height: 169

Birth Date: 05/09/1982

Status: Married 12 years

Occupation / Career: Business owner

Languages: Ukranian, Russian, English, Italian

About your family:  My husband and I have been together for 12 years.  Literally. We run a business together , so day and night we are with each other. To preserve this tight family unit we not only had a strong desire to have two children, but incorporated the months of their birth (holiday periods) into our business schedule. 12 years later we are a complete and closely knit family – consisting of one couple, two children and a small dog.  Thanks to carefully scheduling their arrivals, we have been able to celebrate their birthdays in a number of interesting cities all around the world over the last 12 years.

Special Talents:  modeling (sculpture)

In my spare time I enjoy: I enjoy traveling, going to the gym, learning languages, spending time with family and doing extreme activities.


Facebook: yulia.ignatova.54      Instagram:  Fiorentinka