Name : Snizhana Sheptytska

Height :  172

Hair Color :   Blond

Eye Color:    Hazel

Birth Date :  08.02.1971

Status :  Not Married

Occupation / Career :  Lawyer /notary

Country of Citizenship :  Ukrain

Place of Birth :   Lviv region

Languages  :  Ukr, Rus, Pl, a little bit Eng

Education / Special Training  : Hier legal education

Tell us about your family:    My family is a source of love, this is my main project

In my spare time I enjoy:  My passion is art, I like communication with my family and frends and traveling with them, working on self-development

People describe me as:    Phoenix

Special Talents?  : Play in piano

Famous Moments? :   Birth of my daughter

What is your personal philosophy: Always go ahead

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"? Faith in justice

What is your favorite family recipe?Borsch

What household chore to you actually enjoy? Irrigate the flowers

Favorite Family Ritual: Cook breakfast, Easter breakfast

If there were an extra hour today I would: Spent my time with my family

In my beauty bag you would find: Red lipstick and little chocolate

I just learned: That life after 40 is beautiful

I stay fit by: Thanks my parents for genetic), thanking yoga and fitness

How did I ever live without my: Daughter

MRS. EUROPE Classique 

Creating Legacies..

Facebook:  Snizhana Sheptytska  Instagram: Snizhana Sheptytska, s.n.o.w.flower    

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