Name:   Barbara Kaiser

City & State:  FL

Country:   USA

Birthday:  1972

Hair Color:   Blond

Eye Color:  Green

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Entrepreneur Self Employed

Country of Citizenship:  USA

Place of Birth: Colorado USA

Languages:    English 

Education / Special Training: Professional Aircraft Crash Rescue Firefighter

Specialist, Helicopter Underwater Egress and Water Survival Specialist and Examiner, International Helicopter Consultant Specialist

Name on Facebook: Mrs. Classique Florida Globe

Name on Instagram: Barbara_Kais

Name on Twitter: Rotorworld, International Survival Standards of Aviation ISSA

Other Social Media (for your MG web page)[%Other Social Media (for your MG web page)%]

Tell us about your family:I am very lucky, I have the best family in the world. Loving, compassionate, caring, helpful, fun, smart, wise, full of life.

In my spare time I enjoy:Spending time with my husband, exercising, going to the islands, baking and cooking, relaxing on the beach, definitely getting a massage and spending the afternoon at a spa.

People describe me as:Sweet, Nice

Special Talents?Play the piano, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, sing, mechanical engineering, baking and cooking

Famous Moments?Performed the National Anthem for the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins at the last game held at the old Denver Broncos Stadium which was the biggest game in Milehigh history at that time. 
Opened for Charlie Daniels Band, Opened for the Eagles at a Denver Broncos Induction to the Hall of Fame event. 

Have modeled for Yamaha, Dan Post Boots, Jamie Sadock, Talent Magazine Cover, International Bike Show Beijing, SEMA Las Vegas, ASC Productions LA among many others.

Something unique or quirky about you: Visionary, mechanically minded

What is your personal philosophy: Never give up. Your health is your most valued asset

Why is this important to you?This is the basis for survival and pertains to all aspects of life.

Your best asset?My best asset is my health, husband, family and mindset.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?One word comes to mind; MIndset. 
Mindset helps create the mojo or that feeling of awesomeness, peace and exillerarion when doing something you enjoy which can be anything from meditation, sleep, work or play. 

Being at peace no matter what I do.

What hashtags best describe you#Survival Specialist, #HUET, #Helicopter, #Navy Seal Museum, #Good Gardening, #Border Collies, #Love

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?:Chlorophyll, eggs

What is your favorite family recipe?I love to cook so there are many. Homemade buttermilk blueberry pancakes being one of them

What is your guilty pleasure?Wine

What household chore to you actually enjoy?Washing clothes

Favorite Family Ritual: Family Dinners

If there were an extra hour today I would: Play the piano

In my beauty bag you would find: Chapstick for sure

I just learned:One of the secrets of Shakespeare’s success.

I stay fit by:Short bout interval training, TRX, weights, eating good

How did I ever live without my:Husband

______ is the new black: Chocolate plum

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?Mobile HUET improves access to underwater egress training thanks to Barbara Kaiser

Creating Legacies.

Facebook:Mrs. Classique Florida Globe Instagram: Barbara_Kais