Name:   Hamaxi Vanawala

City & State:  Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Country:   India

Birthday:  14.02.1969

Height:   169cm

Hair Color:    Black

Eye Color:    Black

Status:    Married

Occupation / Career:  Wellness Coach & Therapist

Country of Citizenship:    India

Place of Birth:     Coimbatore

Languages:    English, Tamil. Telugu, Hindi

Education / Special Training

B.Com (ACS), Fashion Designing

Name on Facebook

Jaya Mahesh

Name on Instagram

Jaya Mahesh Body Sculpting Therapy

Name on Twitter

Jaya Mahesh

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Tell us about your family:

Mr. Mahesh Kumar - Husband - Businessman - Soulmate & Best Friend
Ms. Sanjana M Kumar - Daughter - Makes my life worth living & also partner in crime.
Parents: Mr. Chandramohan - Retd Commissioner of Police - My pillar of Support
& Mrs. Andal - My Guardian Angel , My Philosopher & My best friend 
Sisters: Mrs. Shanthi & Mrs. Rekha - always there for me.

My four legged Son -SCOTCH (3yr old Beagle boy) - who gives me unconditional love

In my spare time I enjoy:

putting my feet up and sipping my hot cup of coffee in solace and having a te-te-te with myself

People describe me as:

Beautiful Person inside out, ball of highly contagious Positive energy, empathetic, compassionate, generous, spiritual at the same time very driven

Special Talents?

Dancing, Go Karting, Motivational Speaker, Counselor, Designer, Body & Face Sculpting

Famous Moments?

Recipient of Honorary Doctorate (D.Litt.) Awards by University of South America 
Outstanding Achievement Award by Rotary International District 3201 in recognition of outstanding Achievements in Social Service. 
Mrs. India Earth Classic 2016 - first lady from South India to win this coveted title. 

An ambassador for MIQS NGO in New Delhi, a committed life member of World Peace Organization and Asian Film Forum, Mrs. Jaya is an earnest social activist. 
She is also the ambassador and head of the South region, comprising of 4 states of South India of MANM (Mandar& No More) , an initiative for awareness on accidental drowning in water bodies. 
Women of Excellence Award - from Rotary 2016
I Rise Edition III for her works as philanthropists 2017
Face of Coimbatore Award - from Queen Coimbatore 2017
Best Alumni Award - from PSGR Krishnammal College for Women 2017
Iconic Women Achievement Award - From Indian Foundation 2017
Best Philanthropist Award - I Rise 2017
Pride of Coimbatore Award – Indian Foundation 2017
Youth Icon Award – 2017
Fashion icon Award – 2017
Best Therapist Award - Indian Awards 2016
Women Achiever Award for Fitness 2016

Something unique or quirky about you

Being a child inside

What is your personal philosophy

Be a good Human Being & Practice the attitude of gratitude

Why is this important to you?

Because i should be able to appreciate all the goodness bestowed upon me by God and say my Thank you in return by doing good to all HIS children. End of the day I can get good nights sleep.

Your best asset?

My Family

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?

I believe every women is capable of creating her own magic. In my profession of 20+ years as a therapist I played a role of a catalyst where I help them tap their inner potential and explore new frontiers and dissolve the block both mental and physical and make them the best version of themselves.

What hashtags best describe you

compassionate, strong, positive, empathetic, down to earth, beautiful inside out

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?

Fruits & Yogurt

What is your favorite family recipe?

My grandmom's Chicken Biriyani , Mom's Fish Curry, My husband's Prawn fry

What is your guilty pleasure?

Impromptu vacation or picnic with my daughter to an undisclosed destination thats reveled to none in the family.(Including my husband)

What household chore to you actually enjoy?

Cooking - great stress buster & i can be my creative best.

Favorite Family Ritual

Prayers, late night movies, weekend family get together

If there were an extra hour today I would:

I would call my masseurs

In my beauty bag you would find:

cleanser, toner , moisturizer & sunscreen

I just learned:

to give love is important but should know whom you should give that too.

I stay fit by:

workouts, sensible eating & staying positive

How did I ever live without my:

daughter Sanjana M Kumar. She makes me feel complete.

______ is the new black

Shades of Grey

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?

360' WOMAN

Complete this sentence: Success Requires…

Perseverance & Positivity

Someone you admire:

My Mother

Favorite Song

Abba - I have a dream or fantasy

Favorite Movie


Favorite Drink


Favorite thing about yourself

My go-getter attitude

Best advice you’ve ever been given

was by my MOM. Never loose your individuality retain your individuality, goodness & being humble and a good human being is your life time asset. She always said Fame, Money, power will be forgotten or might dissipate . The only person who goes with you as long as you live is you and you alone.

Biggest Fear

Hydrophobia & Travelling alone. I am glad i have the opportunity to overcome this challenge with my travel now to Mrs. Globe Pageant

Lover or Fighter

Fight for LOVE

Secret Talent

Ability to read people's mind

What makes you happy?

Seeing people happy makes me happy

The thing about yourself you would like to change?

The challenges i faced in my life has been my stepping stones. Mistakes i made have been my lessons. The failures i faced made me strong . Honestly i wouldn't want to change anything about me. I try to be a better person than i was yesterday.

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