Name: Pei Zhang


Height: 170 cm


Hair Color: Dark Brown


Eye Color: Black


City & State: Auckland

Country: New Zealand

Birthday: 29/01/1966

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Professor /University Teacher

Country of Citizenship: Permanent Resident of New Zealand

Place of Birth: China

Education / Special Training: Bachelor's degree, master's degree, and PhD's Degree

Name on Facebook: Aialice

Tell us about your family:I have been married to my husband, Jonathan, for 30 years. We met at university 35 years ago. My husband runs an IT company. Although we each have our own different business, but we respect and help each other. I am proud that we have a fast-paced and happy family.
Our sweetly 20 year-old daughter, Alice (Zichen Zhou), is going to graduate from university at the end of this year. She loves Business and Art design, and she is also a popular part-time model. She is our teacher in terms of creative thinking and unique aesthetic aspects. Next year, she is going to continue studying to pursue her master's degree.

In my spare time I enjoy:Reading, Dancing, Doing charity , Appreciating my daughter's various pictures in different styles.

People describe me as:Well... my husband and daughter describe me as "Kind, intelligent, independent and elegant."

Special Talents?Multi-tasking, Dancing

Famous Moments?Getting PhD's degree, Obtaining the professor's title, Winning Mrs. NZ Globe Classic, 
I am also a frequent model at local events and galas in my city.

Something unique or quirky about you: Collect lovely WeChat emoticons

What is your personal philosophy: No pain, no gain

Why is this important to you? Why is this important to you?As a university professor, one of the courses I teach is cross-cultural management. So I deeply understand the importance of Cross-cultural understanding and communication. For me, the Pageant is not a competition. Joining such a global group, I will have the opportunity to communicate with excellent ladies from different cultures and countries, improve my cross-cultural understanding and Learn from the others. I do believe that as long as each of contestants makes more efforts hand in hand, the world will become better.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"? Having ability of empathy and integrating with different people and organizations. 
My message to the other women is, positively face problems and challenges. All you have to do is to constantly improve yourself and work hard toward your goals in a gentle and determined manner.

What hashtags best describe you? Elegant

What food would you always find in your refrigerator?  Seafood

What is your favorite family recipe?Seafood Soup

Favorite Family Ritual: Talking and sharing ideas at the family gathering on the weekend

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate

What household chore to you actually enjoy? Laundry and Decorating the room

If there were an extra hour today I would: Reading, Dancing, or doing Yoga

In my beauty bag you would find: Lipstick and eye shadow

I just learned: How to use the facebook

I stay fit by: Dancing and doing Yoga

How did I ever live without my: Cell Phone

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?Annie’s Positive Attitude

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