Name:Carrie Yarnall

Height: 5'7"

Birth Date: May 16, 1986

Status: Married 

Occupation / Career: Licensed Veterinary Technician

Languages: English

About your family:  My husband, James, and I met in high school and have been married for nearly six years. He is currently the Director of the Global Cyber Security Operations Center for Capital One. Together, we have a very spirited five-year-old beauty named Brinley, three precious dogs, and six (yes, six) crazy cats!

Special Talents: I am a trumpet player, as well as a self-taught flutist!

In my spare time I enjoy:isiting the happiest place on earth (Disney World), fostering and rescuing furry friends, volunteering with the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County, pet-sitting, hosting daily playtime tea parties for our daughter, and playing full-time zookeeper to our many pets!

MRS. North America
About Me

Facebook: Carrie Yarnall      Instagram:  @carrie_yarnall