Name: Vannessa Young 

Birthday: 18/11/1992

Height: 5'3"

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color:Blue

Status: Not Married

Occupation / Career: Cabin Crew

Country of Citizenship: Australia

Place of Birth:England

Languages: English

Education / Special Training: Bachelor of Commerce, Curtin University - Majoring in Human Resources and Industrial Relations

Tell us about your family:

The majority of my family are from Newcastle Upon Tyne and Edinburgh. I gained my musical ability from my grandfather who was an amazing pianist, we would watch 1950s era musicals together and he would play along without needing sheet music and we would reenact Singing in the Rain frequently. My Father is also exceptionally gifted at playing the Bagpipes; allowing me to respect my Scottish lineage, my fondest childhood memories of England are hiking Hadrian's Wall and the Scottish borders with my many cousins. My mother has been my role model and my anchor growing up; moving to a new country at a young age she ensured I was surrounded by family at all times which allowed me to travel frequently from a young age sparking my passion for aviation. I was extremely fortunate to always have two homes; Australia and England, allowing me to be heavily rooted in both cultures while honouring my heritage. From the age of six I was blessed to be given a second father in Australia my Mother married an amazing man who has always treated me as his own.
I have
twenty three cousins and love being a part of a big family; we love to
celebrate together and take Christmas, Easter and even Halloween very seriously.

In my spare time I enjoy:

I love participating in Pageants, being a part of a sisterhood of likeminded women and being afforded the opportunity to not only give back but be actively involved in my community while wearing fantastic gowns is definitely a day well spent. I am deeply passionate about travelling the world and immersing myself in new and incredible cultures and eating all the amazing delicacies that those cultures have to offer is definitely one of my favourite things about travelling. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is extremely important to me, while I enjoy a good gym session I absolutely love getting outside and participating in any sporting event.

People describe me as:

Incredibly loyal and funny; Family means the world to me, I believe that you are born into a family and also have the ability to choose your own. I have friends in my life that are now family and our bonds will forever be unbreakable. I have frequently been described as both witty and exceptionally driven. I have met every goal I have ever set for myself and my passion and commitment never allows me to stop striving for new goals. When I find a cause that I feel deeply connected to I become extremely mission oriented and ensure I am completely educated and devoted to making an impact and improving both myself and the world.

Special Talents?

Flute, Photography, Social networking and media consulting, Public Speaking and Event Hosting, Event Planning and Management, Fashion Styling, Coaching and Mentoring.

Famous Moments?

Multiple awards for Flute Performances
Qantas Airways – Photoshoot and Runway and involvement with Telethon..
Click! Fashion Show - Co-creator of a premium fashion event held in Perth including
West Australian fashion talent in the aim to raise money for Variety the children’s
charity. Showcasing WA talent, $3000 was donated.
Virgin Australia - Promotions team including nationally televised events such as the AFL Grand Final 2017
Miss Australia International 2016 - 1st Runner Up
Miss Global Australia 2015 - 1st Runner Up
Miss Global Australia 2015 - Miss Congeniality
Miss Global Australia 2015 - Best in Swimwear
Miss Global Australia 2015 - Miss Photogenic
Miss Galaxy Australia 2015 - Miss Congeniality
Miss World Australia 2014 - National Finalist
Avant Garde Bridal Magazine
Numerous Ambassadorships and Photoshoots for various brands.

Something unique or quirky about you

I am an excellent debater when I am truly passionate about a topic.

What is your personal philosophy

Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting their own private battle. Another I live my life by is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Pushing past your limits is the time you grow.

Why is this important to you?

This is deeply important to me because every human being has their own personal struggles and understanding this allows humanity to be more empathetic towards one another and accept and embrace our differences. The community is becoming more and more aware of the impact and importance of Mental Health. Having personally suffered some dark moments and severe anxiety in the past, I can not stress how importing it is to support those around you who are struggling. In Australia I have been a supporter of Beyond Blue who are a free service that offer support to those affected by anxiety, depression and suicide prevention. They are an incredible organization who have helped so many people around me. Physical strength is important but your mind is the control panel, take care of it.

Your best asset?

My Empathy; as a flight attendant it is important to remember that everyone is travelling for a different reason. Everything from seeking asylum, attending a loved ones funeral to an amazing Honeymoon, having empathy for everyone I meet allows me to understand and relate to people better in my personal life, career and the causes I support.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?

I am quintessentially and definitively Miss Congeniality. I am fun and bubbly, I love to make others laugh and I truly thrive when I am surrounded by other vibrant people just like me. I believe that real queens fix each other’s crowns and lift one another up and are never truly in competition. My message to all women is a crown doesn’t make a queen, a queen makes a crown.

What hashtags best describe you

#pageantqueen #crewlife #40000ft #HongKong #LAX #sparkle #hilarious

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?

Leftovers, my eyes are always bigger than my belly and one of my favourite things is eating my delicious leftovers the next day.

What is your favorite family recipe?

My Mum’s Lamb Rogan Josh is unforgettable and inimitable!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I am addicted to buying delicious bath products and whenever I need to unwind or I’m just in the mood to be pampered I set up a gorgeous bubble bath with candles, a face mask and a chick flick.

What household chore to you actually enjoy?

Organisation! I absolutely love finding every object it’s perfect and most practical place in every room in the house. I love my home to be both beautiful and completely functional.

Favorite Family Ritual

Christmas; in both Australia and England my family celebrates Christmas in an exceptionally elaborate manner. It’s the most wonderful feeling being surrounded by lights, decorations, crystals and so much love. In Australia we have a 10ft Christmas tree with 2,000 lights on it; the first year we all had to wear sunglasses to be able to admire it.

In my beauty bag you would find:

Red Lipstick... ALWAYS!

Come Capture the Magic...

   Instagram: @vannessa_audrey