MRS. philippines
About Me

Name: mariz songcuan

Height: 5'5

Birth Date: 03/17/1993

Status: single

Occupation / Career:documentation officer

Languages: ilocano, tagalog, english

About your family:my parents went through a really tough separation when i was 4 years old. both went through multiple relationships and my siblings didn’t always have the same last name as me. my lola (grandma) raised us while my dad was working somewhere far. i am not really close to my parents and we don’t even have family pictures together. but through the years, i learned that no family is perfect. we maybe fight or stop talking to each other at times, but at the end of the day, the love will always be there. because for better or for worse the culture we have is extreme on family bonds.

In my spare time I enjoy:going to the beach with my son because that's the place where i am more relax and at peace.


Facebook:riz song Instagram: song.riz