Name: Victoria Malahovski-Bukin

Height: 165 cm

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Birth Date: 03/07/1980

Status: Not Married

Occupation / Career: Real Estate

Country of Citizenship: Israel

Place of Birth: Belarus (Republic of Belarus in the Soviet Union)

Languages: Russian, Hebrew, English

Education / Special Training: *B.A. from Bar-Ilan University- Economy and Logistic Management- Combined Department of Social Sciences (Honors degree). *Real Estate brokerage license (and study). *Young leadership course. *Musical school education (5 years)- piano, dancing, singing.. *Art History Studies and Painting Portfolio. *Transcendental Meditation (study and practice)

Tell us about your family: In 1991, when I was almost 11, my family came to Israel from Belorussia with my grandfather , grandmothers and great-grandmother. The first period was not easy for my parents, and at the age of 12 I started working with my mother to help them. Today I have parents, a sister who is nine years younger than me and a grandmother.
But I will focus on my little family, the family, which I created - this is me and my two sons. I was married ... twice, I can say .. In the first marriage, which lasted about 12 years, was born my oldest son Nikita, who today almost 12 years old. In my second marriage, which lasted about 7 years, my youngest son May, who is now 5 years old, was born. I love them the most in the world and I am very proud of them! My oldest son Nikita - an outstanding student who studies at the Center for gifted and outstanding students, very musical and wonderful painter, captain of a basketball team and a very beautiful child - a model in campaigns of leading companies in Israel, a multi-talented child .. makes me wonder and thank God every time for this gift to Me ... twice! And I chose to be a good mother, that is, a happy mother, because only such a mother would be able to raise happy children, so I did not agree to settle for less! I grew up on a model of my parents' relationship based on love, mutual respect and concern for each other. I was raised on self-respect, a love for learning and self-development, for dreaming and for achieving ... especially by my grandfather. I learned that there is no place or excuse for any kind of violence and abuse in love, not only physically, but mainly mentally ... and that I deserve to be happy! And that I can be anything I want. .If you really want it! Recently, I have an amazing partner in my life and my childrens life .. And meanwhile grateful for everything I already have!

In my spare time I enjoy: To travel the world in places that I have not seen yet- to see new places, other cultures, architecture, nature, people, foreign languages, local cuisine, music ..

People describe me as: I do not always know how people describe me and it is very much up to the people themselves and their world of concepts and the nature of their relationship with me. I can be different. But I can tell how I would like to be described by different people in my life and doing everything for it. My children - as a loving, caring mother, who will always be for them, that they are safe ... and in this they can be sure! Who can come to me with any subject and ask ... and if I don't know, we will think together. My partner in life- as a loving, sensitive and caring woman, gentle and soft, a true and loyal friend, sensual, intelligent, partner, and of course a Lady, who respects herself and others, One and Only... hi call me "My Princess"). Parents and family -as responsible, independent, ambitious, successful, helpful .. I was brought up for achievement. Friends - loyal, honest, reliable, discreet, respectful, attentive, helpful... Acquaintances, co-workers, customers .. and all, who see from the side -as a Lady .. polite and pleasant, but assertive if necessary .. attentive and caring, but authoritative .. With sense of humor and Always with a sense of tact... controls the situation, attaches importance to the words and stands behind it. And what is most important to me is always staying a human being and a good person!


Special Talents?: Drawing, Listening...

Famous Moments? Beauty contests at the age of 17-18, where I reached the final .. I worked a little, as a model ..
I also danced and sang on stages and in front of an audience. When I was a girl, then of course these were exciting moments.

Something unique or quirky about you?: I appreciate and love the beauty that nature creates .. I personally prefer to be completely natural as long as nature allows me to enjoy it and not feel uncomfortable with myself ..I hope it does not sound arrogant, but meanwhile no one can guess my age .. But I am proud of my age and do not hide it))

What is your personal philosophy?: You live the life you created for yourself! No one is responsible for your happiness, except you!

Why is this important to you?: This is important to me, because understanding it caused me change my life .. and not once. The decisions, you received .. The concessions, you did .. The result of it..- is your life today. And if you're not happy, you're responsible for it. You can be anything you want ... and do not let anyone tell you otherwise! I want to be happy! Do not give up or compromise on this .. We live once .. Of course each one and his happiness, his / her way .. But do not give up on it .. Could be, will not be another opportunity. Be grateful for what you already have! Try, change, learn, work on it .. and if you have to change- change! Even if it requires a lot of courage, but it is well worth it! Your happiness is worth it, because your whole life will look different! You'll be different! Be better!

Your best asset?: My sons!

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?: You can be and have anything you want! Do not be afraid to dream and want! Do not be afraid to make changes! And do not let anyone tell you otherwise ... Your right to find your happiness! And you are responsible for it!

What hashtags best describe you?: Mother, Love, romantic, meditation, family, relationship, psychology, beauty, respect, honor, happiness, positive, self responsibility, caring, help and support, Tact, manners, lady, princess, queen, sense of humor

What food would we always find in your refridgerator?: I am a mother of two sons and I am responsible for them, so in my refrigerator there are always a lot of groceries and canned food in case of war or any other case. My kids really like cheese and are ready to eat it with almost everything ... so cheese, tomato, milk and bread you'll find for sure))

What is your favorite family recipe?: Gefilte fish ))

What is your guilty pleasure?: Smoking

What household chore to you actually enjoy?: Dishwashing

Favorite Family Ritual: *Family holiday meals, *Before bedtime we read book or tell a story and I sing to my children every day while they are in bed and make a pleasant massage, so that they will not miss loving touch and relax before they fall asleep

If there were an extra hour today I would: Sleep)) / Go out with children to a park or a playground with a bicycle ... / Going out with my man to a place with good music, food, dancing maybe ../ Meet with friends ..

In my beauty bag you would find: Eyelash mascara

I just learned: release...

I stay fit by: Energetic lifestyle, proper eating, emotional character and a lot of thinking))

How did I ever live without my: Kids

______ is the new black: Good taste

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?: She did not compromise on her happiness

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