Name:  Shiela DeForest

City & State: Golden, CO


Birthday: September 7, 1973

Height: 5'11"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Status:  Married

Occupation / Career: Stay at home wife, Model

Country of Citizenship: USA

Place of Birth: Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines

Languages: English, Filipino, Tagalog, Basic Spanish & French

Education / Special Training: Bachelor of Science Major in Tourism


Name on Facebook: Shiela DeForest

Name on Instagram: milehighfashions

Tell us about your family:


I was born in the Philippines. My mother was an educator and my father is a retired Lieutenant in the Philippine Marines. I have one sister, who lives with her family near Munich, Germany. My parents still reside in my home town and I visit them at least twice a year. My husband goes with me on some of these trips too. Luckily, my husband gets along well with my family and I with his. I am married to an airline Captain which is like kismet, because I am a former flight attendant. We've been married for almost 6 years now but we celebrate 2 wedding anniversaries. The first one was our courthouse wedding because I came here on a K1 or Fiancee visa. Our story is not the norm for this kind of visa because we met each other's families way before we got engaged, visited each other frequently during our courtship and went on holidays together. There was even a time he flew all the way to Sydney, Australia just to spend a day with me. Awwww! We had an intimate wedding in Bohol, Philippines attended by both our families and friends who traveled from different countries to celebrate our special day. I’ve been blessed to have married into a wonderful family here in the US and they welcomed me with open arms. We do try to visit them in ND and WA as often as we can and my in laws visit us in CO several times a year.

In my spare time I enjoy: Volunteering, traveling, reading, spending quality time with my husband, listening to music

People describe me as: Friendly, happy, loyal, devoted wife

Special Talents?: Karaoke Singing

Famous Moments?:

United States: Mrs. South East Asia Globe, Mrs. Beauty of the Americas, 3rd Runner Up Mrs. USofA Globe, Mrs. Rocky Mountains Globe, Denver Style Magazine Editorial, Poshmark PoshMarket Brand Fashion Show, PoshFest Convention Speaker and Closet Consultant, Poshmark Party Live Denver Speaker, Noodles & Company Model, Hand Model for Colorado Lottery, Chili's, Rosetta Stone, BNP Paribas Indian Wells Tennis Tournament, WOW Philippines US Tour

Philippines: High School Class Valedictorian, University of the Philippines College Scholar, Escada Sport, Wella, L'Oreal Color Trophy model, Hugo Boss, Johnny Walker brand ambassador, Shell Philippines brand ambassador, CalCarrie Models, Contestant Supermodel Philippines, Contestant ASEAN Model Search, Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines BodyShots Modeling Competition, Buffalo Jeans, Rustan's Marketing Corporation, Marks & Spencer

Singapore: Kenzo, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Diva Models, Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique formerly Graceful Image Bridals, Terranova, The New Paper, Badgley Mischka, Flora Cheung, Smint

China: HSBC Beijing Golf Open

Dubai: Face of Emirates Airline, IWC/Mercedes Benz Watch Launch, Cover Girl for Ilustrado Magazine (Premiere Filipino publication in the Middle East), Beijing Olympics Commemorative Fashion Show, Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament, Dubai World Golf Tournament

Qatar: QTel Prepaid 

Germany: BMW Open Munich, Emirates Airline Berlin 

Canada: Rogers Cup Tennis Tournament

Something unique or quirky about you?:People think I'm too tall to be a Filipina. As per my 23 and me DNA results, aside from the obvious that I have Southeast Asian ancestry, I am also part Native American, West African and Spanish.

What is your personal philosophy: Believe in yourself.

Why is this important to you?: I grew up in a country that still has a generally western oriented concept of beauty. I must say that it was hard because these are your own people yet they cannot appreciate the local beauty traits which reflects the heritage and history of your own country. Despite this, I never let it stop me from pursuing a career in fashion. I was rejected countless times but I learned to be strong and kept on believing in myself. I persevered and eventually, brands and designers appreciated my talent and my morena (olive/brown skin). Modeling also helped me gain confidence in myself to expand my market and found an agent in Singapore. This was my first time to travel and work abroad. Eventually, I also found opportunities to harness my public relation and customer service skills in the diplomatic corps and travel related careers, which helped me continue my travel around the world. I would have never achieved this if I doubted myself in the very beginning.

Your best asset?: People say I have a very genuine smile

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?:

I am a global citizen. I have lived in many countries that exposed me to different cultures. My work environment was also very multi-cultural that constantly varied sometimes even daily. I learned to be respectful of other cultures as a result of this. I am naturally curious and open to learning about other cultures and this helped widen my horizons and learned about the world in the process. Through travel, I've been to the most amazing destinations and even to countries that may not make it to a bucket list. Traveling to these countries was a privilege. These days, some might not consider visiting them because they're not Instagram worthy but it opened my eyes to how some people in the world live. And that opened myself to helping others in whatever way possible.

What hashtags best describe you:

#travelwithpurpose #beautifulinmybrownskin #globetrotter #joyoftravel #poshboss #happywife #beautygivesback #helpkeepheritagealive

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?

Berries, Arugula Salad, My mother in laws' homemade pickles, almond & flax milk, wine

What is your favorite family recipe?:

My parents' Chicken Adobo

What is your guilty pleasure?:

Dark chocolate bar

What household chore to you actually enjoy?:


Favorite Family Ritual:

Sunday Mass

If there were an extra hour today I would:

Read a book

In my beauty bag you would find:

Pretty much every makeup item and more.

I just learned:

How to replace a garage door opener

I stay fit by:

Going to Zumba and Body Pump classes, dancing

How did I ever live without my:

Husband and smart phone

______ is the new black:


If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?

"The world is your classroom: 53 countries and counting"

Complete this sentence: Success Requires…


Someone you admire:

My mother

Favorite Song:

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Favorite Movie:

Forrest Gump

Favorite Drink:

Moscato or Champagne

Favorite thing about yourself:


Best advice you’ve ever been given:

Love and respect yourself.

Biggest Fear:


Lover or Fighter:


Secret Talent:


What makes you happy?

Spending time with family and friends, traveling,helping others

The thing about yourself you would like to change?

To not be content with status quo, I should continue to keep myself open to trying things outside of my comfort zone like joining Mrs. USofA Globe.


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Facebook: Shiela DeForest      Instagram: milehighfashions