About Me

Name: Tarini Fernando

Height: 169 CM

Birth Date: 07/27/1986

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Anatomical Pathologist (MBBS, FRCP)

Languages: English

About your family:  I've been married for 3 years, my husband is a radiographer.

Special Talents:  I am artistic by nature and enjoy indulging in arts and craft

In my spare time I enjoy:Further education in my areas of sub-specialty and continuing to learn and grow as an Anatomical Pathologist and serving the medical community. Pursuing modelling and acting opportunities with the aim of increasing diversity within these industries. I love arts and crafts and run a small business on Etsy making and selling handmade and sustainable eco-friendly products. I am passionate about gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity, in ending domestic and family violence and engage in opportunities to further these causes. I am supporting Palmera Projects, a non-for-profit organisation that empowers and enables entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to have sustainable livelihoods. I love to travel, learning about history and experiencing new cultures. I love running, hiking and dancing, yoga and meditation. I love a good book. I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, our extended families and close friends.


Facebook: Mrs Sri Lanka Globe  Instagram:mrssrilanka