Name: Jill Welshans

Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Birth Date: 11-15-66

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Self Employed

Country of Citizenship: USA

Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee

Languages: English

Education / Special Training:Professional musician, singer and artist

Tell us about your family:I was born and raised in Nashville,Tennessee. I have 3 older sisters and we are in the process of making a CD. I also have 4 wonderful adult kids.

In my spare time I enjoy:I enjoy my Bible Studies, singing at special events, oil painting and walking my dog.

People describe me as:Funny, sweet and talented

Special Talents?: Writing music, creating children's programs, encouraging others

Famous Moments?: Playing at events with an orchestra accompaniment

Something unique or quirky about you: I'm a horse whisperer.

What is your personal philosophy: To heal, find your voice and know your self worth

Why is this important to you?:Women need to know they are valuable and worthy to be heard.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?: My majic is, God's word, how it changed my life, and I enjoy inspiring others to find their strength in God's word.

What hashtags best describe you?: Creative, Inspiring, Supportive, Peacemaker, Artist, Musician

What is your favorite family recipe?: Fudge pie

What is your guilty pleasure?: Fudge pie

What household chore to you actually enjoy?: Cooking

If there were an extra hour today I would: Read and pray

In my beauty bag you would find: Lipstick

I just learned: How important friends are

I stay fit by: Walking

How did I ever live without my: My dog Sadie

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?: Believe and Be Good to Yourself


Creating Legacies...

Facebook: Jill Welshans