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MrS. ukraine 
About Me

Name: Olena Grytsynger

Height: 5’ 8"

Birth Date: 02/27/1982

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: business owner, psychotherapist, coach, nlp master, speaker

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

About your family: Family for me is one of the main values. Thanks to my husband Maxim and son Augustine, I am developing as a woman, mother, personality, specialist. We always support each other. We love to spend time together, play, relax, learn new things, and read. I like to create new family traditions, and my men support them and expect something new every time. We love guests in our home and often take the kids of our friends and relatives for the weekend to us. My husband and me organize romantic dates and set common goals. It is possibility to growth our love more strong. My and Maxim's views on raising children are similar - the main thing is to give love and care, set the right example of our own, and provide support in everything.

In my spare time I enjoy: I enjoy traveling, horseback riding, creating candles and cosmetics, learning something new (now I am learning to play the piano), reading, watching historical and biographical films, spending time with my family.