Name: Neise Cordeiro

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Date of Birth: 10/28

Your Occupation or Career: On-Camera talent

Status: Married

Tell us about your immediate family: My father was a business man, my mother a housewife and a hair stylist. I am an only child.

Education or special training: From an early age studied modeling, theatre and dance. I started Accounting school, but soon changed my degree to Theater when I moved to the USA.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Theater Arts and an Associate Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; Santa Monica College, California; University of Nevada Las Vegas; College of Southern Nevada.

Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish

Describe your personality: Extroverted, playful, friendly, approachable, honest, happy, but also private and quiet.

Your best asset: Multi-tasking

Your Hobbies or Sports: Exercise (I love yoga, barre), travel, watch movies, sleep, play with my dog, enjoy the sun and the beach.

Your special talents: I have trained in ballet training for more than 10 years, flamenco, Latin dance (including live performances), samba performances in Las Vegas major casinos, commercials and movies. Acting in commercials, television and film. Theatre acting.

If there was a magazine headline written about you and your story, what would it say? Working hard to make dreams come true.

Your Personal Philosophy: Be yourself, no matter what.

Why is this philosophy important to you: I have always struggled to find where I belong and somehow now I have put those thoughts to the side in order to live my life peacefully. Sometimes you have to embrace who you really are  and not work against it to bring the best of you to the world.

This pageant is a fundraiser for WIN, how do you hope to empower other women with your story?: Being originally from a South- American country where many women are still over-powered by men and oppressed with their children gives me the encouragement to become the voice of those who are not fortunate enough to speak. I am extremely passionate about the cause and I believe women need to be unified and work together to achieve more respect and better opportunities.

What # best describes you? (#winner, #happy, etc.): #focused #determined #loyal #happy #caring #hardworking.


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