Name: Mariangela Guillen

Height: 5'10

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: Oct 22

Your Occupation or Career: Model / Health Insurance Agent 

Status: Divorced

Tell us about your immediate family: I'm Living with my boyfriend Mr Henriques and my dog! there are my family ! and all my close friends! there like a family as well! 


Education or special training: I got a degree in Human Resourses in my home country Venezuela! here in USA got differents certificates, Medical billings,coding, Medical Administrative! and Navigator for Health Insurances! 

Languages: Spanish, English 

Tell us one unique thing about your state?: Fun city! never get bored! the more I travel around the word the more I love my town! :)


Describe your personality:  I can be quiet! but I like to observe and analize people!I love to be around older people because  there is much to learn from them! I'm fun! and friendly! and especially I have my feet on the ground! and especially I have my feet on the ground! I do not like to pretend what I'm not!  like to treat everyone equally! nobody is better than anyone! :) 

Your best asset: loyalty!

Your special talents: I'm a Latin! I Love to Dance Salsa and merengue! any music even when I dont know how to dance it I'll try ! 

Your Hobbies or Sports: hiking,pilates, yoga ! love to be in contact with nature 

ell us one unique thing about you, your family or your life: I'm a loyal friend! whenever you need me I'll be there!I'm very very Grateful! Coming from a huge family I'm the baby one! and the only one out  of Venezuela ! I miss my family and my country a lot!I'm a family person!!! But can't complaint about this country USA is the greatest country! I love this country! 

Your Personal Philosophy: Do good without looking at who! and Things happen for a reason!!!

Why do you want to be involved with Mrs. Globe: I remember in so many times people ask me why you don't participate in Mrs Globe!? You got everything!! and I always answer I'm a Queen already! Why I need to have a crown to be a Queen!!! Lol sounds silly! When Antonio Corbie call me he explain better to me about this organization Helping abused woman! and I was...yes! right on! for me at this point of my live if I want to do something it has to have a purpose!! otherwise I wont do it! and to finish with this question of course I talk with my partner    and I ask him I need your opinion! he told me I'm with you 100% do it!!!! :)

This pageant is a fundraiser for WIN, how do you hope to empower other women?: I will do whatever is in my hands to help! 

What # best describes you?  #kind, #creative, #builder, #expressive, #resourceful, #determined, #loyal, #hardworking, #fun

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