MRS. venezuela
About Me

Name: Rachel Laguna

Height: 5’10"

Birth Date: 09/26/1989

Status: Single

Occupation / Career: Quality Improvement Specialist for Family Services

Languages: English and Spanish

About your family: A family of proud Venezuelans and Colombians who have dedicated their lives to public service and Venezuelan refugee advocacy. My parents taught me hard work ethic, determination and to always be proud of where I come from no matter where I go in life while staying humble.

In my spare time I enjoy: Traveling the world to visit new countries, trying out new restaurants, exercise, cuddling with my shih tzu’s Bentley and Esmee and my kitten Rue Washington. Volunteering and fundraising for Venezuelan Humanitarian Aid, PCOS awareness and working with children and youth

Facebook: Rachel Laguna

Instagram: rachelalaguna

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