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Jessica Mason Mrs. North America 2022

MrS. North America 2022 
About Me

Name: Jessica Mason

Height: 5’ 3"

Birth Date: 03/28/1980

Occupation / Career: Dance Studio Owner

Languages: English

About your family: I’m a single mom to a 16 year old boy an a 23 year old trans girl. We live in a three-generation home (I grew up in a FOUR generation home). We have three rescue dogs and two rescued kitties.

In my spare time I enjoy: Dancing, cosplaying, service projects (especially cooking for the communities of people experiencing homelessness for which I am responsible), being a groupie for my boyfriend’s band, movies (all kinds, home and in the theater), walking dogs and tying to learn guitar (thus far, unsuccessfully)

Facebook: Jess Mason
Instagram: @sweet_jessicamason
Twitter: Studio21dancer

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