MRS. GLOBEClassique  South Africa

About Me

Name: Tilly Michaels

Height: 5’3"

Birth Date: 09/18/1961

Status: Separated

Occupation / Career: Communications

Languages: English

About your family: My greatest accomplishment; my daughter (30 years) attorney and general manager of a national sports placement company. Supportive mom and brothers and the most supportive brother is the deputy minister especially appointed by the president of the republic for his outstanding contribution to local government while serving as president of UCLG. Sister-in-law who ensures growth in a particularly international platform with organizations such as UN Women and GIZ. It is mainly her encouragement that has catapulted me to this stage and international level. I have a multi cultural family by birth in marriage however the constant has and is the awesome unity.

In my spare time I enjoy: I am an ardent walker, I enjoy volunteering in my communities and playing board games with younger members of my family

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Twitter: Tilly Michaels

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