Sherri Jenkins

Classique 2018

Name:  Sheri Jenkins        Country: USA       Height: 5'3"

Hair Color: Brown            Eye Color: Hazel

Birth Date: September 14, 1965

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Director/Financial Institution

Place of Birth: USA           Languages: English

Tell us about your family: I have been married to my husband, Robert, for 25 years. We are both business partners and life

partners, raising our sons and working side by side with our vacation rental business. He is my biggest fan, but we love to disagree on home decorating projects. Our oldest son, Alex, graduates high school this year and will be off to college. He is sweetly naïve, dated the same girl for two years and a skillful debater. Our 10 year-old, Austin, is a fourth grader who loves science. This one keeps me on my toes because he loves ziplines and skiing. I call him my adrenaline junkie! We also have a very fluffy golden doodle named Cody.

In my spare time I enjoy: Running in 5k's, cheering my boys at sporting events and experimenting in the kitchen.

People describe me as: Well... my husband describes me as "Kind, witty, and intelligent."

Special Talents?: Aside from multi-tasking, I can twirl the baton and play the piano, but not at the same time.

Famous Moments?:  Winning Mrs. U.S. of A. Classique.  Being awarded the "Award of Excellence" from my employer this year. I am also a frequent emcee and model at local modeling events and galas in my area. 

Something unique or quirky about you: I love brussels sprouts.

What is your personal philosophy: "Be your own kind of beautiful."

Why is this important to you?:  Pageant competition for me is a  "non-pageant" journey.  Meaning, it is a personal journey.  Being a brand manager for Mrs. Globe and the WIN Foundation, I know the importance of our life being an example.  Unfortunately, depression and addiction run in my family. And as a brand manager for Mrs. Globe and the WIN Foundation, I know the importance of our life being an example. This pageant is allowing me to come full circle on my own personal journey of self improvement, and also be a voice an advocate for those who walk in my steps.  

Your best asset?: My attitude.

As a woman of empowerment, what is your "Magic"?:  My message to other women is, don't get caught up in paying attention to anyone else. Focus on your own magnificence. There is only one YOU. No one else is able to deliver your unique brilliance except for you.

What hashtags best describe you: #enjoyinglife, #alwayssmiling

What food would we always find in your refrigerator?: Fruit cups, Pom and ready to eat guacamole.

What is your favorite family recipe?: I make the "world's best lasagna"

What is your guilty pleasure?: Reruns of Seinfeld

What household chore to you actually enjoy?: Laundry

Favorite Family Ritual: Dining out on a Sunday night.

If there were an extra hour today I would: Sleep

In my beauty bag you would find: LipFinity by Lip Sense in a host of colors

I just learned: How to use the app Snapseed

I stay fit by: running and lifting weights

How did I ever live without my: iPhone

"..." is the new black: Red

If there was a magazine title about you, what would it say?: Attitude is Everything

Someone you admire:   My husband, Robert

Favorite Song: Old Church Choir (Nothing's Gonna Steal My Joy)

Favorite Movie: That Thing You Do

Favorite Drink: Cranberry juice

Favorite thing about yourself: My attitude

Best advice you’ve ever been given: Never give up

Biggest Fear: Getting / having Cancer

Lover or Fighter: Lover

Secret Talent: I can make a sauce that will make any piece of chicken, beef or fish taste amazing.

What makes you happy?: Hearing my boys laugh.

The thing about yourself you would like to change?: I would like to be a tiny bit taller.  My hubby is 6'2" so I am always on my tippy toes!

WIN-Sheri Jenkins
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Facebook: Sheri Jenkins      Instagram: sheri lynn j                 Twitter: sherilynnj