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MRS. GLOBEClassique  U.S.ofA.

About Me

Name: Jenni Hanson

Height: 5’11"

Birth Date: 04/06/1971

Status: Engaged

Occupation / Career: PhD, D.N. Doctor of Naprapathy, LMT, Owner of Restorative Wellness center, Pain Relief Specialist, Reflexologist, Nutritionist, Speaker

Languages: English, French

About your family: I am a #proudmom of "my 3 sons", Jordan, Jason and Brady who are my joy & inspiration every day. They have grown to be stellar young adults always pushing to be their best. All 3 have accomplished triple sports awards in basketball, football and track, college sports scholarships and academic scholarships. Together we have overcome life's most challenging situations but remain strong and unstoppable. #triumphoverturbulence

In my spare time I enjoy: Alpine and giant slalom ski racing, ice skating, waterskiing, boating, sailing, snowsports, archery, cooking, filling passport book #3 with world travel, chasing waterfalls and being a #globette 

Facebook: Jenni Hanson

Instagram: Dr.JenniHanson

Twitter: Dr. Jenni Hanson

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