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  • Does winning Mrs. Globe® change your life?
    As the largest and most prestigious pageant for Mrs. In the word, winning a world title with Mrs. Globe® will change your life. Our former winners are now professional tv personalities, actresses, entrepreneurs, social influencers, community leaders and more. You can follow all of them on Instagram.
  • How long has Mrs. Globe ®️ been in existence?
    Both Mrs. Globe ®️ and Mrs. USA ®️(the United States preliminary for Mrs. Globe®️) was established in 1996.
  • As the pageant industry continues to change and the traditional role of women is being challenged, what is the long-term goal for the Mrs. Globe ®️ program?
    As a truly international contest we will continue to celebrate beauty, culture, and charity. Our rules and regulation state that delegates must be “born female”; and our long term goal is to continue to produce the most prestigious pageant in the world for Mrs.
  • Is there an amazon store with all the suggested item for the pageant? (pantyhose, moleskin, white tape for shoes, handbook.)
    We do have certain items in our online store. You will also receive a comprehensive pack list that will prepare you in advance.
  • If crowned the next Globe ®️ titleholder, what can we expect in the prize package?
    Our prize package is second to none! You will win your official crown and sash, an all-expense paid trip to your next competition, Monthly promotional cards, crown pin, travel to scheduled Mrs. Globe ®️ events, jewelry, a crown box, the opportunity to be a VIP judge, sponsorship products and much, much more!
  • What is pageant week like?
    Pageant week is magical, exciting, fast-paced, elegant, fun and energetic! We have rehearsals during the day and each evening is filled with a glamorous event that may include: Personality Profile, the Globe Awards, a Welcome Party or maybe even a theme party and an evening pizza party!
  • Does Mrs. Curve’ ®️compete in swimsuit?
    The Curve’ ®️ division is in summer wear. Mrs.
  • Is Mrs. Globe ®️ associated with a charity?
    Yes, for 26 years we are the primary fundraiser for the WIN Foundation, a 501-C3 non-profit foundation that specializes in abuse recovery. Proceeds from our event fund the Reclaiming Me recovery program and workshop. For more please visit
  • Are there any plans to hold state level pageants?
    Yes. Mrs. Globe ®️ has an international Directorship program with over 80 global licenses. On the domestic US, though we have been an “at large” pageant, which means after the selection process an interested is appointed the state, regional title, in 2023 we have launched our state director program.
  • How many days is the pageant?
    The Mrs. USA®️, Mrs. Classique'®️ and Mrs. Curve’ ®️ are 5 days, 4 nights. Mrs. Globe ®️ is 10 days.
  • Can I fundraise for my Entry Fee?
    Yes, the organization has many fundraisers in place and we actively put together a plan for you.
  • How can people watch this on television or online?
    The Mrs. Globe ®️ organization will livestream each event on our social media platforms.
  • What sort of support does Mrs. Globe ®️ offer?
    After you are officially registered, the Mrs. Globe®️ Communications department hosts weekly Monday Memos calls. These weekly live calls cover coaching, training, and preparation. We also have a fundraising department who will assist each delegate on their fundraising, a Social Media department that will help with our delegate “Becoming Famous.”
  • How do you feel about tatoos?
    Our winners have both had ink and not had ink (around 50/50). It is a personal choice on how you want to present yourself in a gown.
  • Is there an entry fee?
    Yes, with every contest there is an entry fee which covers your housing, food, activities, official crown and banner and more. When you request information, you will receive this information.
  • What is the ideal dollar amount for fundraising from each spokeswoman?
    While there is no set amount that must be raised, we do require each delegate hold at least one fundraising event prior to her pageant. These funds will go towards her national entry fee. After that is met, the funds will be put in her Princess Trust Fund that are then split 50 / 50, where half goes to Virtual Voting for the prestigious title of Mrs. North America®️ or Mrs. Globe ®️ Choice of the People, and the other half she can use in our online Store.
  • What type of training does MG offer?
    When you become a registered delegate with Mrs. Globe®️, there is a standing invitation to attend our live Monday Memos calls where you will receive lots of coaching and training in preparation for your upcoming event. We also have our ‘Pageant Girl Boot Camp Training’ prior to the Summer Event! This is a two-day extensive training by our former world winners that you can attend and learn about everything Globe!
  • What type of wardrobe is required.
    Prior to the event you will receive a comprehensive pack list. In general, every delegate will your competition items and event items. This includes an opening number outfit or costume, a swimsuit or summer outfit as designated by MG, an evening gown and a cocktail dress for Personality Profile. You will also need outfits for the evening events which are outlined in the packlist.
  • What type of scoring is at Mrs. USA®️ and Mrs. Globe®️? How are the categories scored? Are all categories evenly scored, or does one outweigh the other?
    Our scoring system is based on the Preferential Ballot System, where every delegate either makes the ballot as a semifinalist, or finalist with one mark, or does not. It is the fairest system as it keeps all areas of scoring equal, and a judge cannot “point up” a delegate of their choice by giving one delegate a 10 and another (strong delegate) 1 point. Final scores are placed in order or “preference” and receive a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 point, based on placement.
  • Is there a main hotel?
    Yes! Our events are held at a beautiful international hotel each year! Our Summer Event is held at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa.
  • When I fundraise, what can I use the funds for?
    The money you raise in your fundraising efforts will be put in your Princess Trust Fund. 100% first covers your entry fee. After your entry fee is complete, 50% of what you raise goes towards Virtual Voting / the WIN Foundation and Choice of the People and 50% you can use for personal in store purchases including photo packages, video packages, hair and make up and more.
  • How are Globe Awards chosen?
    The Globe Awards are Mrs. Globe’s®️ version of the Academy Awards! It is a elegant and exciting event where we honor our delegates with special awards. The awards are chosen by the WIN Board of Directors and are based off of the delegates’ biography forms, social media presence, appearances, community involvement and other criteria.
  • Do you offer a hair and makeup stylist?
    Yes, we have a professional Hair and Makeup team who has been with our organization for over 10 years and they are wonderful! You may reserve your appointment(s)with them prior to the event.
  • Do I pay for meals?
    Your participation fee includes all meals during pageant week! Breakfast, lunch, afternoon “Sweets” and dinner are all included!
  • How do we get a WIN Magazine cover?
    As a new delegate with the Mrs. Globe ®️ organization, one of your prizes is the digital WIN Cover photo!
  • Will I have a roommate?
    Your participation fee does cover your hotel stay during pageant week as long as you are rooming with another delegate who is competing. You can stay on your own. Hotel prices will be based on the special rate available to our group.
  • How many judges will be there?
    We always have a different number of judges each year based on the women in our pageant. Our goal is to make sure every woman can say “They get me!” Our alumni are invited to be judges at each preliminary event and our sponsors, donors and VIPs are invited to judge the final events.
  • Can I update my website photo?
    Yes, every delegate can do one complimentary photo update.
  • Can I update my Biography Form before the pageant?
    Yes, one month before the pageant we will be asking all delegates to update their biography form for the judges.
  • Can I still do appearances even after the pageant is over?
    At Mrs. Globe ®️ we believe that “Once a Mrs. Globe®️, always a Mrs. Globe®️!” Therefore, Yes! We encourage you to stay connected through our Facebook Alumni page and continue to do appearances and fundraisers even beyond the end of pageant week.
  • What is the schedule for the week of the pageant?
    Once you become a registered delegate, you will receive your official Welcome Package. In this package you will have links to your online handbook with all information needed for your division!
  • What is the show order and areas of competition?
    Our standard order is as follows: Opening Number, Swimsuit/Pool Wear/Summer Wear, Evening Gown then Crowning Moment!
  • Do I have to fundraise?
    At Mrs. that we do not believe finances should ever get in the way of our dreams! With this, we offer many different fundraising options to our delegates to help them raise money for their participation fees as well as other pageant expenses.
  • What do I need to pack?
    Once you become a registered delegate, you will receive your official Welcome Package. In this package you will have links to your online handbook with all information needed and your pack list for your division!
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