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Facebook: Lucia Simelane- Ochan
Instagram: Luciasimelane_ochan

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About Me

Name: Tabasum Khan

Height: 1.73m

Birth Date: 02/20/1980

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Real Estate Developer and Consultant

Education: Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. ⁠Bachelors in Arts

Languages: English, Hindi & Urdu

About your family: I am fortunate to be a mother of three wonderful children and happily married to a supportive husband who is not only my life partner but also my business partner. 

My passions: 

* Motivational Speaking 
* ⁠ Philanthropy drives me to make a positive impact in communities.
* ⁠City of Calvary’s Revitalization Program 
* ⁠Sketching, cooking, and spending quality moments with my family and friends, creating cherished memories together.

My Mrs. Curve’ Globe Dream:

To use this title to end the harmful practice of body shaming by fostering an environment where every person can embrace their unique beauty and worth without fear or judgment. Confidence flourishes among individuals who are uplifted and supported by their communities, creating a culture where mutual respect, understanding, and encouragement are the foundation of interpersonal relationships.

Instagram : @tabutiful20

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