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Name: Kamaeva Marina

Height: 170

Birth Date: 7/29/1979

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: Influencer


Languages: Russian, English

About your family: Our family's big move started with a bold step, leaving Russia for sunny Cyprus, which quickly became our new home. As our family grew with three more kids, each one adding their own sparkle to our lives, Cyprus wrapped us in its warmth. With my husband often away for work, our home in Limassol buzzed with the sounds of kids playing and learning, filling our days with joy. Our kids found fun in sports and art, showing us how different and special they each are. Through ups and downs, our family's journey shows how sticking together can help us face anything.

In my spare time I enjoy: Dancing is my escape and expression, a passion that ignites my soul and frees my spirit, allowing me to communicate emotions too deep for words. It was a journey begun just three years ago, yet it feels like a lifetime of discovery, teaching me the rhythm of resilience and the choreography of self-love.

My dream: Winning the World Dance Latin Championship represents the pinnacle of my dancing journey, a dream that symbolizes mastery, dedication, and the artistry of Latin dance at its finest. Achieving this dream would be the ultimate validation of my commitment to dance, marking a moment of triumph in a journey filled with sweat, tears, and countless hours of practice.

Instagram: my_marina_cy

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