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The Secrets Behind Pageant Gown Colors

(Discover what your chosen color says about you)

(by the Mrs. Globe Investigative Team)

Here is an important pageant competition fact you may not know. While it takes months to prepare for a pageant, you only have approximately 10 minutes to capture the crown. That is why both your gown selection, and the color choice of your gown must be on point.

In this issue of Behind the Crown, The Mrs. Globe Investigative Team set out to find which color wins most, and the secrets behind what your gown color choice says about you.

Let’s examine the past

After analyzing some of the biggest pageants in the world, we discover the top four most winning gown colors, plus what these colors say about the contestant wearing them.

3rd Runner-Up is - Red!

When it comes to standing out on stage, red is most definitely a show-stopper. There is something powerful and sexy that happens when a woman not only enters a room in red, but takes center stage in red. And there is a reason why. According to this powerhouse color represents passion, strength, and confidence. So if bold and memorable is your goal, go for red. If done right, it is a showstopper.

2nd Runner-Up is - Yellow

If positive and daring is your personality, then yellow, our 3rd Runner-up gown color, is for you.

Yellow catches the eye of the judges because upon first sight, the positive energy of yellow zaps the judges with the “feel-good” vibe - and here is a winning secret: If judges feel good about you, they will feel good about putting you on that ballot.

We know many competitors tend to shy away from yellow because some feel the color does not suit them, but think again. The secret behind the proper yellow dress is to find the correct shade of yellow for your skin tone. Once you do, this supercharged dress will make you stand out like a ray of sunshine on stage.

1st Runner-Up is - Blue

First Runner-up in the most winning gown color goes to Blue!

This calming yet majestic color is so popular because there are many shades available, and as such, it is easy to find a correct shade for almost every skin tone.

While many associate blue with feeling down and sad, that isn’t the case in pageantry. When you bring this color to the stage you are telling the judges that you are regal, calm, stable and responsible - which all judges are looking for in a winner.

And the Winner is - White!

If you are a pageant addict then you probably already know that the most popular dress color for the big win is white.

White’s magic is that it looks beautiful on almost every skin tone and with any hair color. But what really gives white its true sparkle is that it loves the spotlight - and we mean that literally. This reflective shade, which exudes perfection and elegance, literally bounces off the stage in pure sophisticated radiance; and it is that radiance that will make you memorable to the judges. Which in turn takes you one step closer to the win.

The Gown Color Best for You

So now for the big question of the day: What color is best for you?

With 30 years of experience and working with thousands of delegates, the Mrs. Globe Investigative Team says this:

“When it comes to choosing a gown, there are a few guidelines to follow. 1: The color must be a reflection of your personality. 2: The style must be in line with your brand and body type. 3: Without a doubt, the tone must complement your skin tone so you glow on stage.

But most important, # 4: What makes a winning gown is how you feel in the gown; as if you feel like a winner in your gown, that winning attitude that will be more memorable to the judges than any color choice.

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