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Life Is Short, Your Lashes Don’t Have To Be

(Eyelash Do’s and Don’ts)

(by Amanda Grad, Mrs. USA Globe 2011)

Long, thick, beautiful lashes are something all pageant girls aspire to have, but in all honesty, most of us need a little boost in that department, especially for on stage and photos.

With a plethora of selections that include glue-on, magnetic, lash extensions, strips lashes, and individual lashes, there are just so many shapes and styles to choose from. But don’t fret. The Mrs. Globe® Investigatory Team is here to explain some of the perks of the lash varieties, and most important, how to apply them.

Glue on lashes: The most popular and commonly used lashes in pageantry are the glue-on. These easy to find lashes are so admired because you can change the style of your lash depending on the day and activity. Also known as Strip lashes, these gems come in many different styles, lengths, and thicknesses, covering the entire lash line, half the lash line, or even individual lash clusters. Like all lashes, they add definition to your eyes and help draw attention with their length and thickness.


1. When applying strip lashes, make sure to use a good lash adhesive.

2. Apply the glue to the strip and allow it to dry so the glue is more “tacky”. This will allow

for a better adhesion.

3. Place the strip along the natural lash line. If the lash is too long, don’t be afraid to trim


4. Some people find it easier to use tweezers to help place the lashes, but there are also

application tools available at most beauty stores.

5. After placing the strip along the lash line, allow the glue to dry before completing your

eye make-up.

Pro Tip: When preparing for stage wear, you’ll want to have a more dramatic lash because of lighting and distance. For interview and daytime activities, a more natural lash is better.

Lash extensions: These beauties are the latest trend in “full time” lash wear and are the easiest way to have beautifully thick lashes all the time. That is because once lash extensions are glued on, they stay on your eyes for the duration of your natural eyelash growth cycle, which is around 6 weeks.

The only downside to lash extensions is 1: The cost and 2: During pageant week, you cannot change your look. You can however always add strip lashes over the top of the extensions for stage if needed to add additional fullness or length.


1. Lash extensions should only be applied by a professional at a salon or studio.

Pro-Tip: If you decide to get lash extensions be sure to keep a spoolie brush in your bag so you can easily fluff and separate the lashes anytime you touch-up your lips or powder your nose.

Magnetic lashes: In the beginning these show stoppers can be a little tricky, but are well worth it once you practice a few times.

The pros of the magnetic lash are two-fold: Magnetic lashes offer the same type of lash options as glue on strips, but dry faster and without the mess that glue can make. 2: You can change your look with magnetic lashes and use them several times if you can gently remove the layer of liner from the lash.

The biggest downside to these is that they do take some practice, but again, once you get the hang of it, this is one of the greatest advancements in lashes!


1. Magnetic lashes are applied with Magnetic Liner. You start therefore by applying

several layers of the magnetic liner to your lash line.

2. Apply the magnetic lash strip while the liner is not 100% dry.

Pro-tip: When selecting your magnetic strip lashes, look for strips that have 5 or more

magnets per strip. The more magnetic contact the better. One of the main keys to

successfully wearing magnetic lashes is to get a good quality pair.

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