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MRS. kazakhstan
About Me

Name: Svetlana Gabdulkhakova

Height: 5’8"

Birth Date: 03/06/1985

Status: Married

Occupation / Career: HR Manager

Languages: Russian, English, Kazakh, Tatar

About your family: My happy family are two mischievous kids and my beloved husband. We are all part of one another: and we have a cat which rounds us out so well.

In my spare time I enjoy: Hiking because of the breathtaking view, reading positive books, by now I’m into very interesting series of books “Chicken soup for the soul”. Stories in this book are short but each of them touches my heart. They make me cry, smile, laugh, enjoy. These stories teach how to live. They show us that everything is possible. This book is a life wisdom and at the same time an entertainment reading.

Instagram: Svetlana.Bright

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