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Do Funny Girls Win Pageants?

(Humor in the Pageant World)

(by Amanda Grad - Mrs. U.S.of A. Globe 2011)

As women, from the time we are children we are taught that it’s not proper to be the “too” funny. Being labeled as the “class clown” was not so much a compliment; however, to get through life and keep your sanity – WE NEED HUMOR!

That brings us to the pageant question of the week which is, “Can a funny girl win the crown, or does humor diminish her elegance?”

We all know that in pageants we want a titleholder to be beautiful on the inside and out, plus graceful and classy, approachable and relatable. But funny?! Is there room for funny on our sparkling stage?

The answer is “Absolutely YES!”

Humor in general coincides with a witty personality. But more so, humor is a sign that a delegate has a true sense of self; which “knowing thyself” is a winner’s trait.

Though many want to keep pageantry serious and stoic, the truth about humor is that when a contestant makes other women and judges laugh, it changes the energy of the room, it changes the perception of that delegate (as they suddenly become much more personable) not to mention it changes the emotional state of the people who find themselves laughing out loud.

If you question that, stop, and think about this: A sense of humor is something we look for in a partner. It’s something that good friendships are built upon, and it contributes to making a good boss or leader. A good laugh can boost your overall health. It reduces blood pressure, lowers heart rate, releases muscle tension, boosts your immune health, and increases creativity and productivity.

Plus, the physiological response to laughter triggers a release of endorphins which gives an overall sense of wellness, happiness, amusement, and joy.

So, any preconceived notion that having a sense of humor and making people laugh is not a positive quality to possess in pageants, is just plain wrong. There is a place for humor in relationships, in business, in stressful situations, in general everyday life, AND certainly, in pageants!

We at Mrs. Globe dedicate this article to one of our most graceful and elegant Queens, Mijung Choo, Mrs. Classique Globe 2021, who had us laughing from her hilarious on stage winning question, until today. She truly is an example of how humor can be the winning secret to your pageant success. Thank you Mijung, for being the Queen that you are!

“Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies.

If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life,

that’s beautiful.”

- Rashida Jones

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