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Mastering A Great Healthy-Looking Tan!

(by Amanda Grad, Mrs. U.S.A. Globe 2011)

In several of our previous articles, we’ve mentioned that the pageant onstage lights are so bright that they can wash out your skin color. One way to counteract that is with the nice glow of a tan. Whether you have light, medium, or even darker skin tones, a nice layer of “tan” can help even out skin tones and give you the perfect look on stage.

There are several options to give your skin a healthy-looking tan. Best of all, they all come without the damage that direct sunlight does.

#1: Healthy Glow Tan - The Spray Tanning Booths that offer instant tanning with a mist or spray have popped up all over town. Spray tanning is one of the most common choices in tanning because booth spray tanning gives you an overall consistent looking tan without lines.

Typically inexpensive, spray tanning will last about a week (or longer) if you moisturize daily after showering. For the best effect, you also want to make sure to exfoliate your skin before being sprayed and to help remove any dry/dead skin that would cause the tan to fade fast.

Pro-Tip It's always best to let a spray tan set for several hours before showering. If you can be sprayed in the evening, you ensure a long-lasting tan by waiting until morning to shower.

#2: Healthy Glow Tan - Self-Tanners Self-Tanners are a great option to stay on top of your tan, as long as you get your application consistent.

Self-tanners have been around for a very long time and have come a long way from how they were years ago. They primarily come in a foam or a spray, and come with an applicator mitt. This is non-negotiable because the mitt helps to distribute the tanner evenly, without streaks, and without turning your hands orange.

Pro-Tip: Make sure before you apply the tanner, you first apply a layer of basic moisturizer to the spots that are normally very dry, like your knees, elbows, top of your hands, and top of your feet. That way when you spread the tanning solution over those areas, it doesn’t soak in and appear darker.

#3: Healthy Glow Tan - Bronzers Bronzing lotions or powders are a great option if you just want the glow for that particular event, without the layering, commitment, or potential mess of a self-tanner. Bronzing lotions and powders can be applied before you attend an event, or go up on stage. The downfall however is that they can rub off onto clothing.

Pro-Tip: Bronzer lotions give a nice finish to legs, and powder bronzers are great for contouring.

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