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How To Become More Interesting In Your Interview

(3 Tips To Becoming Unique)

(by Mrs. Globe Team)

It's no secret that pageant delegates can spend hours training on how to walk the runway, work with artists to have the perfect makeup and even hire stylists to help them choose the perfect wardrobe. But how do you train to become more interesting for your interview? The Mrs. Globe investigatory team is diving into a simple way that you can make yourself more interesting in your pageant interview and do something good for others. This week in the pageant training queue: Community Service.

Community service is the act of volunteering for a specific community or a particular

organization. It is performed without pay and it is intended to benefit the community or the organization in some way; and the beautiful thing about community service is that it can range from cleaning up local parks or beaches, to tutoring students, to helping out at food kitchens, or raising money for charitable causes. So why is this important and how can it make you more interesting in your interview? Here are three reasons.

1: You must be more than a pretty face: People tend to think that pageants can be a very self-serving industry. To break this conception, volunteering your time at a community service makes you more than just a pretty face on stage. With community service under your belt, you immediately upgrade yourself to a mentor, a humanitarian, and a difference maker.

2: You become a unique voice with a unique message. The beautiful thing about community service is that it is 100% a reflection of something that you're passionate about. Do you enjoy cleaning up beaches? Or do you enjoy working with animals? Or how about running? In every community there is a community in need of your passion, and by diving in and volunteering your time, you can share more about something interesting that separates you from the rest.

3: Community service makes you a better speaker: When you have first-hand experience on the front lines of something you're passionate about, that passion cannot help but show in your interview. Gone are the days of canned answers and pre-thought out points about yourself. With the insights you learn by giving your time to help community and people, the natural and authentic side of your personality will shine; which a natural and authentic personality is what the judges are looking for.

Author’s Notes:

If you are interested in getting involved in community service, here are the initial steps:

1. Start by identifying what excites you, angers you or pulls at your heart.

2. Google organizations in your community that align with your values and interests.

3. Once you have identified an organization that you are interested in volunteering with,

reach out and ask how you can help.

Many organizations are always in need of volunteers and will be happy to have you on board. You can also organize your own fundraiser or event to raise awareness and funds for a cause that is important to you.

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