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Lose 10 Pounds 10 Minutes Before The Competition

(The Skinny on Unmentionables)

(by Amanda Grad, Mrs. U.S.A. Globe 2011)

What if we could tell you the secret, to losing 10 pounds in 10 minutes before the contest? This week the Mrs. Globe investigatory team is getting personal as we go under your perfect gown, and help you create a perfect outer image on stage.

About Undergarments:

When it comes to undergarments, there are so many options on the market. But we have narrowed the search to four undergarment must haves for your competition.

Shapers: These amazing undergarments are a must have for all delegates because they make any great outfit look even better.

Shaper undergarments, also known as shapewear are designed for slimming, smoothing, and giving the flattering curves that women want in a well fitted gown. They create this effect by providing a thin layer of compression.

Shapewear comes in several styles: shorts that cover your thighs and stomach, shaper tanks for your upper body, all the way to full shaper bodysuits that help smooth you all over.

Winner’s Secret:

The secret to shapewear is you want to make sure you get the right size. You want it to smooth your skin, but not be too tight as too tight means discomfort or worse, lump lines that will affect your silhouette.

Stick on Bra/Petals: We all know what happens to the female boobie when we get cold or nervous; and though it might be very sexy to our partner, it might not be the best look on a stage full of people and judges.

That is where stick on nipple petals and self adhesive bras allow you to cover up the girls, and also wear gowns that you wouldn’t be able to wear a traditional bra with.

Good nipple pedals are made of silicone and safely adhere to your skin. Some are washable for several uses and some even have a lift option, to perk you up.

Winner’s Secret:

If you use nipple pedals, don’t use lotions or oils before application, and make sure you try them before your final event.

Nylons: We have discussed the benefits of nylons in a previous article, but here are the main reasons nylons work. Similar to the shaper garments, nylons help smooth you out and conceal small imperfections. Nylons protect your feet from blisters and rubbing while also keeping you cool with their moisture wicking material.

Winner’s Secret:

The best nylons for onstage are sheer to waist and sheer toe. Although “nude” is a universal option, it’s always best to try them ahead of time to make sure you have a good match for your skin tone.

Double sided body tape: Have you ever wondered how celebrities pull off those plunging necklines? The answer is “boob tape” or “fashion tape” and this undergarment works wonders.

Body tape is great for strapless dresses as an extra layer of security if you’re afraid of slippage, but did you know that outside of sticking the tape directly to your skin, there are several other ways that this tape can help you in a pinch?

Body tape can also fake a hem, it can replace a button or clasp, you can stick a piece on the inside of a pair of heels to prevent your foot from slipping in them when you walk, it can anchor the end of a belt into place, and even dub as a lint roller to remove a little lint from your garment! Due to its versatility, we would highly recommend having some double sided body tape on hand during pageant week.

Winner’s Secret:

There are many kinds of tape on the market, but the main thing is, it sticks safely to your skin on one side and then to the section of material that you don’t want to slip on you.

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