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Nylons Onstage

(Sheer madness or sheer genius?)

(by Amanda Grad, Mrs. U.S. Globe 2011)

The great debate of wearing nylons on stage in pageantry goes back almost as long as pageants have taken place. For some delegates, the idea of covering up nicely toned legs is disappointing, while others like the slight coverage and confidence that the right pair of nylons gives.

While most people think that this part of pageantry is all about looks, the Mrs. Globe Winners Investigatory Team discovered 4 reasons why nylons are a winning touch, and some winning touches in choosing the right nylon.

1: A Coolant and Warming Garment: Did you know that nylon, as a material, is moisture wicking? This means that by wearing them, you will be cooler on stage under the bright lights or when nerves and excitement might make you hot, and yet warmer if you get cold or stage “goosebumps.”

Nylon Tip: When selecting your nylon, don't choose one that is too thick or has a high shine nylon. The reflection from the lights will be obvious on stage.

2: A Stage Filter: Most of us know how to filter our skin for social media. But live on stage there is nothing more smoothing than nylons to hide any discoloration, scars or blemishes you might have. Nylons are the perfect real time filter to fix the flaws.

Nylon Tip: When selecting your nylon as a stage filter, make sure to get sheer to waist, NOT control top or reinforced toe nylon. You don’t want the lines from the control top section showing on your legs and the reinforced toe will show on any open toe shoe.

3: A Protective Second Skin: Anyone who has competed in a pageant knows how hard pageant shoes are on our feet. Trust us when we say that the rubbing and blisters are no joke! Enter the second skin of a nylon that helps reduce friction and prevents blisters. This is so important because when your feet are protected, you will walk more comfortably when it's your time to shine!

Nylon Tip: Just like choosing the right foundation for your face is a must, choosing the right color of nylon is also a must. Nude is normally safe, but if you are on the lighter or darker side, take the time and try them on first. Stage lights can change the color of your skin, so be prepared before you find yourself under the spotlight.

4: Instant "Weight Loss." Most women struggle with those final few pounds when at a competition. A good pair of nylons however can solve that problem by creating a slimmer and therefore, more confident you! Tell me that confidence is not something you want while you’re out walking a stage in a swimsuit and gorgeous heels!

Nylon Tip: The right pair of nylons should fit well, and smaller is not always better. You want your hose to be totally noticeable to the audience, so you can stay confident when it is your moment on stage.

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