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Pageants - Progressive Or Passe’?

(The Importance Of Celebration Not Just Nations, But Cultures)

(by Mrs. Globe Team)

People have said that pageants in 2023 are not relevant. But we do not agree. In fact, if you historically look at pageants, it is this industry that for years has been promoting cultural diversity for women.

At Mrs. Globe, this celebration of culture and diversity is, and from day one, always has been one of the pillars in our foundation. Our commitment to promoting cultural representation since 1996 has been unwavering, and we have seen the impact this has had on participants, our audiences, and the global footprint of what a woman and the power of culture can represent in 2023.

At most pageants, it is normal to see the flags of nations from around the world. But at Mrs. Globe, we are the only pageant that includes participants from underrepresented cultures. For example, on our global stage you will see Mrs. Native America, who represents the hundreds of the indigenous Native American tribes in North America, or Mrs. Punjabis, who represents the 120 million Punjabis around the globe. We believe ethnic inclusion is important on our stage because it not only celebrates groups without a flag, but also educates the public about cultures less familiar, which in turn promotes understanding and acceptance.

Through cultural representation, women from different backgrounds can feel seen and valued, and their unique cultures can be showcased to a wider audience. This not only helps to promote understanding and acceptance, but it also breaks down traditional beauty standards and allows for a wider range of talents and skills to be showcased.

At Mrs. Globe we are committed to continuing our work towards more cultural representation in all aspects of our organization. We believe that cultural inclusivity is a crucial element to keep pageantry progressive and relevant as we move into our next season of celebrating women and are proud to be leading the way for Mrs. around the globe.

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