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The Pageant Crash

(What is It and How to Avoid it During Pageant Week)

(by Amanda Grad - Mrs. U.S.of A. Globe 2011)

Here is a real life pageant crisis. After months and months of preparing for your pageant, you get to the event only to find that half way through you feel like you’re going to collapse in exhaustion. It’s something that we call The Pageant Crash and it is as real as sore feet in stilettos.

The Pageant Crash is the physical and emotional crash that happens from the months of training, the emotional strain of traveling, the stress of being away from your home, family and daily routine, as well as the sheer non-stop adrenaline rush of the daily events during pageant week. When all these elements collide, you are a prime candidate for The Pageant Crash.

Luckily, the Mrs. Globe Winner’s Investigatory team has uncovered 4 secrets on how you can remain physically and mentally strong during your pageant competition and avoid The Pageant Crash.

Secret Number 1: Preparation is key!! (i.e. Keep your psyche strong)

Pageant week is chaos with lots of new things to learn. That is why to keep your psyche strong, you must prepare not just for the final night, but for everyday as well. If you properly prepare as though everyday is an appearance, you will have a calmness and confidence that tells everyone – Hey I’ve got this.

So how do you make sure you have all your necessary competition items, including your daily wardrobe, personal items, and all your extras necessities such as nylons, eyelashes, nail repair, and more? My secret weapon was a pack list! I found that a master pack list eliminated the daily stress and worry, which in turn kept me focused and confident.

Secret Number 2: Get Sufficient Rest and Sleep (i.e. Keep your body strong)

Every coach will prepare you for your gown and stage walk. But few will remind you the importance of sleep. Early mornings and late nights are a norm at pageant week, and this combination will catch-up with you fast!

The first few days won’t seem so bad, but overtime, the lack of sleep will take a toll on you both physically and mentally. So how do you get proper rest and sleep at a pageant and avoid The Pageant Crash? Your winner’s secret is to sneak a nap! How? Whenever you have a little downtime between events, go back to your room and take a “cat-nap”. Or better, during rehearsals downtime lay down on the floor with your feet elevated, which will rest both your body, mind and sore feet.

Secret Number 3: The Hydration Factor (i.e. keep your performance strong)

Did you know that dehydration is the number one cause of a delegate not feeling well at pageants? It’s really easy to become dehydrated when you’re on the move and in and out of rehearsals. Dehydration can affect your performance, mood, digestion, skin, and it can even make you groggy, which is never good during interview!

Keeping up on your water consumption will help you in so many aspects of competition, and let’s be honest, your overall health. So, to avoid The Pageant Crash, keep a water bottle with you as a reminder to stay hydrated. And if you have a hard time drinking plain water, try adding lemon or lime for a little flavor, or a MG favorite Truvy!

Secret Number 4: Don’t Get Comparitis (i.e keep your confidence strong)

One of the biggest things that can throw you off your focus and deplete your confidence is Comparitis.

We have all been bit by it. We get to pageant week and see all of the beautiful delegates and think, “What am I doing here?” But here is the thing: Roses and lilies are both beautiful flowers, but they are very different. So don’t waste your energy comparing yourself to others because you are uniquely YOU, and no one else can be YOU!

Therefore, keep your focus on presenting the best YOU that you can as there is only one of YOU, and that is your very own superpower!

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