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The Psychology Of Eyebrows

(What Your Eyebrows Say About You)

(by Mrs. Globe Team)

Every Pageant competitor spends hours designing their wardrobe and hair to create a certain image to the judges. Oftentimes, however, they overlook one simple but important detail that hugely creates an impression, which is your eyebrows.

Eyebrows certainly play a crucial role in our facial appearance and overall look. Researchers however suggest that the shape of our eyebrows can influence our psychological state and how we are perceived by others.

In this edition of the Mrs. Globe Newsletter, we are raising the brow on eyebrow and discovering how the shape of your eyebrow creates a psychological effect on your appearance and how that can affect your pageant score.

1: The Hook Brow: Misplacement of the curve in the eyebrow is the number one mistake of eyebrow design. The Hook Brow is an example of this. A Hook Brow is when the curve of the brow is in the inner corner of the eyebrow. The problem with the hook brow is that no matter how much you smile on stage, the Hook Brow creates an image of sadness.

2: The Close Brow: Eyebrows balanced the face. That is, why where they start and stop is crucial. If eyebrows are too close together it not only throws off the balance of your face, but it creates an underlying effect of anger.

3: The Overplucked Brows: Did you know that eyebrows are also an anti-aging item? research shows that eyebrow shape impacts our perceived age. Therefore, when too thin or overplucked, brows can make us look older.

4: Rounded Eyebrows: Finally, if we create half moons over our eyes, something known as the rounded eyebrow, this shape and style of eyebrow can be perceived as being submissive or less confident.

So what is the best style eyebrow for your face? Research shows that a properly arched, fuller, lifted eyebrow has the most positive impression, as it indicates confidence, happiness, alertness and youthfulness.

Professional Tip:

As all faces are different, it is recommended to go to an eyebrow specialist who can properly balance the arch of your eyebrow. If you don’t have an eyebrow specialist in your area, eyebrow stencils are the next best thing.

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