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Top Three Make Up Secrets To A Flawless Stage Face

(by Amanda Grad, Mrs. U.S.A. Globe 2011)

It’s a secret that only the pageant savvy know: There is a big difference between

normal daily cosmetic routines and how to prepare for on stage. Distance,

lighting, and angles all play a big role in how you will look during the

competition. But not to worry, the Mrs. Globe Investigatory Team has three great

tips to help you select the stage foundation you need for a winning look.

Step 1: Pick the right shade: When visiting a cosmetic counter at your local

department store, the make-up artist will always pull a color that matches the

skin tone of your neck. But a cosmetic counter is not a pageant stage, and that

means a different set of rules.

For onstage beauty, your foundation needs to be one shade darker. Stage lighting

can wash you out, and though you may feel like it’s a bit much, a foundation that

is too light for the bright lights will make you appear pale. If the difference is too

drastic for your psyche, you can mix a couple of foundation shades together to

create the perfect look for you.

Pro-Tip: When choosing your final product, go with a foundation that has

warmer undertones as stage lighting tends to be cooler in tone. Also, selecting an

oil-free matte foundation will give you the best coverage.

Step 2: Accentuate and Dimension: The main purpose of contouring and

highlighting is to emphasize your bone structure and add dimension to your face

in the right areas. The primary areas that you want to contour are

your cheekbones, nose, jawline and forehead. To find the correct areas for the

contour versus the highlight, google “face contouring image”, or download a face

app that you can carry with you all the time.

Pro-Tip: Make sure you have a good variety of contouring brushes. These

brushes will typically be angled for the best application.

Step 3: Practice Practice Practice: The old saying “practice makes perfect”

could not be more of the truth. Playing with the foundations, contouring,

and highlighting ahead of time will not only make you more confident, but it will

empower you to achieve the look you are going for on the day of competition.

If you feel you need extra help, visit your local department store, and have one of

the professionals show you the application process. Or visit YouTube and do it in

the privacy of your own home.

Pro Tip: Always use a setting powder or a setting spray. This will help keep your

makeup looking fresh all the way to your crown moment.

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